Morning headlines: Wednesday 4th December 2019

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Political fallout continues

The political fallout from the prime minister’s resignation on Tuesday lunchtime continues. Today Iltalehti newspaper reports that the Centre Party had been pushing internally to get rid of Antti Rinne as early as last Friday. Iltalehti says that while Centre Party leader Katri Kulmuni wasn’t inclined to force Rinne to resign other elements of her party especially ex-PM Juha Sipilä pressed for that as the end result. Sipilä has denied this. There is also perhaps a hint of revenge for the Centre Party, says Iltalehti. Sixteen years ago the roles were reversed, and with the Centre Party the largest in government, the junior partner SDP forced Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki to resign. Whatever the motives behind the dispute between the two coalition partners that lead to Rinne’s resignation, the revelation of these internal communications in Iltalehti will do nothing to foster trust moving forward.

Helsinki police ban neo-Nazi demonstration

The Helsinki Police Department has decided to ban an Independence Day demonstration by the Movement for Freedom right wing group. The organisation is basically the Nordic Resistance Movement by another name – with many of the same members, similar colours and designs on their flag, and same ideology. However the Nordic Resistance Movement has a court order against it which stops it being active – the problem with that is how easy it is to re-brand and continue activities. The group had planned to march on Independence Day on Friday.

Six cars crash on Ring III 

Six cars crashed on Ring III in the capital on Wednesday morning, snarling up traffic in westbound lanes. It happened around 08:30 in Vantaa just near the Pakkala / airport exit at Jumbo. According to the rescue services seven people were involved but had minor injuries. Significant holdups were reported and a firefighter told STT news agency that the chain collision could have been avoided with safe intervals between vehicles.

Price of older, detached houses going up 

The prices for older, detached homes in the Helsinki metropolitan area differed significantly from other parts of the country between July and September, when compared with the year before. New information published Wednesday by Statistics Finland show that prices in the capital city region for these type of homes went up by 4.9% from the previous year; but in the rest of the country the rise was just 0.5%. Compared with the previous quarter 2019, ie: in the spring, prices for older detached houses fell by 2.3% throughout Finland.

Wednesday morning weather

There’s freezing rain in the forecast for many large parts of north west Lapland from Kilpisjärvi down through Enontekiö which makes for dangerous road conditions. It turns to rain around Kemi as temperatures warm up above freezing. It’s a mild day across much of the rest of the country with temperatures as high as +6°C in Vaasa. There’s snow forecast for Central Finland and parts of the eastern border around Joensuu with temperatures a few degrees below freezing.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 4th December 2019 / Credit: FMI