Morning headlines: Wednesday 30th October 2019

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Stockmann beats analyst expectations

It’s no secret that Finnish department store chain Stockmann has been weathering some financial rough seas in recent years, but the latest financial results should give management a glimmer of hope. Operating profits from July-Sept was €5.4 million, while analysts expected it to be around €4.1 million.

Oulu Police on 200km per hour car chase

Officers on Oulu chased suspects traveling at speeds up to 200km per hour overnight. The incident started as police were helping with a special transport convoy on Pohjantie in the northern city. The driver of one car attempted to drive around the special transport cordon and when police approached the vehicle he took off at high speeds. The driver of the car lost control of his vehicle at the Hailuodontie roundabout and clipped a traffic divider. Police say the car flew 20 metres in the air before landing and hitting another traffic divider. The two occupants of the car fled the scene, police caught one of them nearby and the other was tracked down by a police dog around 10 minutes later. Both men tested positive for amphetamines, and one of them was also over the legal alcohol limit at the time of the incident.

Prime Minister meets Nordic leaders in Stockholm 

PM Antti Rinne (SDP) continues a two day visit to the Nordic Council session in Stockholm today. On the agenda for the PM today are meetings with the leaders of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland Islands who are all participating in the event. The meeting this year, which includes a ministerial delegation from Finland, focuses on Nordic climate work, to make the region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030.

Sales of detached houses on the rise 

The number of detached houses sold during the year has increased by 7.3%. That’s according to SP-Home, part of the Savings Bank Group. The latest figures show that house sales are gaining momentum in all parts of the country during 2019 but particularly in smaller towns and cities. The new figures also reveal that the average price of single-family houses has also risen compared with previous years.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a bright and sunny start to Wednesday across most of the country but very cold in northern areas with the temperature down to -23°C in some parts of Lapland this morning. The best of the sunshine is across Lapland, down the Ostrobothnia coast and in Pirkanmaa, the south west and the capital city region. But temperatures start Wednesday below freezing in all locations. It -4°C in Helsinki, -6°C in Joensuu; -5°C in Vaasa; -12°C in Oulu and as low as -23°C in Enontekiö.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 30th October 2019 / Credit: FMI