Morning Headlines: Wednesday 30th May 2018

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Teenage Girl Killed In Hämeenlinna Crash

A 16-year-old girl has died after the car she was traveling in hit a tree. The crash happened on Tuesday night at Aulanka forest park in Hämeenlinna, and police say the dead girl was a passenger in the car when the accident happened. The 18-year-old female driver was also injured in the crash, and taken to hospital but does not have life-threatening injuries. Police say the driver called emergency services to alert them to the crash around 22:30 last night. Officers say they don’t suspect alcohol to have played a role in the crash.

Dangerous Prisoners Should Stay Behind Bars: Newspaper

Most Finns think that dangerous prisoners should stay in jail, even after their sentence has ended. That’s according to a study commissioned by Uutissuomalainen newspaper group and published this morning. The newspaper got online responses from a thousand people, and 85% of respondents said they thought dangerous detainees should stay in prison. The survey has a 3.1% margin of error.

Cows Dead In Ostrobothnia Fire

More than 30 farm animals have died after a fire broke out in a barn in North Ostrobothnia. The dead animals include dairy cows and heifers. Rescue services were called to the scene by residents, and were able to stop the fire from spreading to several other buildings, however two cars near the barn were also burned.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s another warm and sunny start to the day for many areas of the country. But in Lapland, it will be cloudy, with some rain forecast in the far north east of the region and temperatures not quite making it to double digits during the early part of the day.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 30th May 2018 / Credit: FMI