Morning headlines: Wednesday 27th November 2019

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Postal strike resolution could be close

Both parties in the ongoing postal strike dispute are set to give their response to a settlement offer this morning. The strike is in its third week and has spread beyond the postal service to sympathy strikes affecting the airport, public transport and several other unions. The two sides are said to be coming closer to reaching an agreement but previous settlement offers have been rejected by PAU the union representing the postal workers. The strike began when state-owned Posti wanted to switch the collective bargaining agreement for some 700 parcel force workers, which would lead to worsening terms and conditions of service and pay cuts up to 50% for some staff.

Cars burned in Vantaa 

At least three cars burned overnight in Vantaa in the parking lot of an apartment building. Two of the vehicles are completely destroyed and the third badly damaged in the blaze which firefighters believe started in one car and then spread to the others. Rescue crews received a call around 03:00 and responded to the scene in Vantaa’s Maauuninkuja. Nobody was injured in the fire and this morning police are looking into the cause of the fire.

Defence Forces exercise begins today 

The main Defence Forces exercise for south east Finland begins today. Operation Kaakko 19 involves 12,000 people, half of them military personnel, with training troops coming from the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as the Border Guard. The week-long exercise will be lead by the Commander of the Armed Forces, Lt. General Petri Hulkko and the most intensive phase of the war games takes place this coming weekend. These sort of exercises are held every two years with the previous one taking place in Uusimaa 2017.

Wednesday morning weather

There’s a cold snap across northern Finland on Wednesday morning which sees temperatures plunge down to between -15°C and as low as -24°C. Expect snow in the far north east around Inari as well. There’s snow in the forecast too for Central Finland and into Pirkanmaa, with a warning about driving conditions in the area as temperatures hover just a degree or so below freezing making roads slippery and dangerous. Elsewhere expect rain down parts of the Ostrobothnia coast, Turku, and Lappeenranta in the south east where there is precipitation and temperatures above zero.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 27th November 2019 / Credit: FMI