Morning headlines: Wednesday 27th March 2019

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Report: summer heatwave caused premature deaths

Last summer’s heatwave, the second hottest on record, caused around 380 premature deaths in Finland. That’s the conclusions in a new report out this morning by the Institute for Health and Welfare THL. The figure is based on research by experts where deaths were examined over a 24-day period in July and August, and showed that for people over 65 there was a 14% increase in mortality, compared to a normal summer. The findings are similar to an early study in 2014 during a hot spell when researchers estimate 330 people died prematurely as a result of prolonged hot weather that year.

Poll: Prime Minister not seen as very prime ministerial

A new opinion poll published this morning shows that Green Alliance leader Pekka Haavisto is considered by voters to be the most popular prime minister candidate. The polling was carried out by Gallup for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper and found that 22% of voters thought Haavisto would make the best PM, followed by Petteri Orpo on 16% and Social Democrat chair Antti Rinne third on 15%. The current Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre)came a distant fourth in the survey at 14%. More than a thousand people were polled between 1st and 22nd March in all parts of Finland, except Åland.

Ukraine sanctions for Finnish pro-Russia activists

Four Finns have been placed on a list of people subject to sanctions by Ukraine. The list targets individuals who are carrying out pro-Russia activities, especially related to the ongoing conflict in the east of the country. On the list are Johan BäckmanJanus PutkonenJon Hellevig, and Jarmo Ekman. They’re banned from entering Ukraine for three years, prevented from accessing property or assets they might own in Ukraine, and banned from using Ukrainian bank accounts. It’s been five years since Russia launched an illegal invasion and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea province, and a number of Finns – of which Bäckman is the most high profile, have been vocal proponents for Russia during the ongoing dispute.

Finland beats Armenia in Euro group qualifier

The Finnish men’s national football team scored a decisive away victory last night, winning 2-0 against Armenia in the Euro 2020 group qualifiers in Yerevan. It’s a nice recovery after losing by the same score against Italy on the weekend. Goals came in the 14th from Fredrik Jensen and 78th minutes of the game from Pyry Soiri. The game also had seven yellow cards handed out by the referee: three to Finnish players, and four for Armenia.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s another chilly but bright morning for most of the country – but there’s promises of +10 degree weather for the weekend! Temperatures across Finland are below freezing this morning with the exception of Åland where is will be a couple of degrees warmer. In Helsinki and the capital city region expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures about -2C. Further inland at Lahti it drops to -5C, in Jyvaskyla and Central Finland -8C. The strongest sunshine this morning is through the eastern border and into the south of the country. There’s a bit more cloud cover from Turku in the south west through central areas and up into Lapland.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 27th March 2019 / Credit: FMI