Morning headlines: Wednesday 26th September 2018

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Russian Prime Minister visits Helsinki

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is visiting Helsinki today, at the invitation of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre). On the agenda today for talks are relations between the two countries. Those relations took an interesting, speculative, twist this weekend as Finnish authorities raided 17 Archipelago locations connected to a business called Airiston Helmi Oy, which in turn has links with Russia. This is the fourth meeting between the two Prime Ministers, according to a press release. They last met in St. Petersburg in September 2017 and before that in Oulu in December 2016.

Sámi Parliament nixes new draft legislation

Proposed new legislation covering the relationship between the Sámi Parliament and the Finnish state has been put on ice, after the parliament in Inari voted against it. The draft legislation was drawn up by experts at the Ministry of Justice, representatives of political parties and Sámi Parliament leaders. The most controversial provision would have been to continue the practice of the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court as the final arbiter of who can be considered eligible to stand for election in the Sámi Parliament, or vote in the Sámi Parliament elections. This has big implications for Sámi people, connected with their identity. “The right to create and manage our own political institutions and decide who belongs are rights that belong to the Sámi in the eyes of international law, from the UN’s own International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights up to United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People” Neeta Jääskö, a member of the Sámi Parliament tells News Now Finland.

Time change survey opens

A new survey about whether Finland should call time on seasonal clock chances is open from today. It lets residents express their views on what should be Finland’s permanent standard time in future: sticking to summer time, moving clocks for winter time, or some other time zone completely. The results will be used to prepare Finland’s position on a proposed EU directive about summer and winter time across the continent. That directive was sparked by a peoples’ initiative to parliament where tens of thousands of people voted to end the practice of moving the clocks back one hour in the winter, and stick to Finnish summer time all year round. The online survey is available here in Finnish & Swedish, and open until 12th October.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a slightly milder start to Wednesday morning than it was for Tuesday, but still cold. Temperatures in Lapland will hover around freezing first thing, and there’s rain across much of the central belt of the country, from the west coast to the eastern border. In the south there’s strong winds coming from the Baltic which will make the temperature feel cooler than +11°C.


Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday 26th September 2018 / Credit: FMI