Morning headlines: Wednesday 24th October 2018

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Security guards on strike

Thousands of security guards are starting a three-day strike today, in protest over salaries and working conditions. Some 8500 security guards affiliated with the PAM Union who are taking part in the industrial action haven’t had a collective bargaining agreement in place since May. Talks broke down early this week with the National Conciliator between representatives from the workers union and employers. Passengers at airports might face longer lines at security checks. Train passengers can access platforms but many station buildings will be closed. VR says it’s trying to keep as many of the larger station buildings as possible open for business.

Treacherous road conditions

Summer is definitely over when you get warnings about treacherous road conditions! Thanks to rain, some sleet, and overnight low temperatures, there are already slippery roads around Tampere and Turku. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has a driving warning in place for Wednesday morning especially for south west Finland, saying that bad road conditions are expected due to ice-covered roads. FMI warns of disruptions to traffic flow and a greater risk of traffic accidents.

United Nations Day

If you noticed the flags flying across Finland today and wondered about the reason, it is United Nations Day. It marks the anniversary into force of the UN Charter back in 1945. In Finland, it has been a flag day since the late 1980s but despite the recommendation from the UN General Assembly that today should be a public holiday, it’s business as usual in Finland.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a cold start to Wednesday morning with temperatures in Lapland down to -8°C. It doesn’t warm up above zero until the southern part of central Finland with the best of the sunshine in Jyväskylä first thing this morning. In the south, expect some rain and sleet around Tampere and Turku, and partly sunny weather for the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday 24th October 2018 / Credit: FMI