Morning headlines: Wednesday 24th July 2019

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12-storey building evacuated after Tampere fire

A 12-storey apartment building in Tampere’s Hämeenpuisto was evacuated overnight after a fire in the roof of an adjacent daycare threatened to spread. Rescue crews got the alarm around 03:30 to the address, where renovation works were being carried out on the kindergarten. When smoke started to get into the apartment building next door, commanders made the decision to evacuate all 59 people inside. Nobody was injured in the fire, and the apartment building residents were checked for smoke inhalation. The Finnish Road Traffic Centre says firefighting and clear-up operations will impact traffic on the northern parts of Hämeenpuisto during the morning.

Two people in hospital after Luvia crash 

Two people have been taken to hospital for treatment after a motorbike collided with a car in Luvia, south west Finland. It happened around 07:30 this morning and police say the motorbike driver didn’t notice the car was slowing down to turn.

Police promise more information in Helsinki shooting

Helsinki Police say they will have more information today on a shooting incident in the capital. It happened around 16:00 on Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Ruoholahdenkatu and Hietalahdenkatu. Eyewitnesses say it seemed as if a white van intentionally crashed into a red Toyota passenger car which had dents and a broken window. A number of shots were fired at the three men inside the Toyota passenger car, and two of them were taken to hospital for treatment to their injuries. Police have arrested one man and investigating three cases of attempted murder. Eyewitnesses says one of the victims was shot in the back and lay immobile on the street, while the Toyota driver ran about 100 metres and called for help. The other injured man was shot in the back seat of the car. More updates are expected on Wednesday at noon from Helsinki Police.

85% of Finns willing to donate their organs 

A new survey finds that 85% of Finns are willing to donate their organs after death, but only 28% of people know what their loved one’s intentions are about donating organs. Under Finnish legislation everyone is an organ donor unless they’ve specifically opted out, but the research carried out in spring by the Kidney and Liver Association finds that the number of people who say they know what their relative’s intentions are has fallen in recent years. Only eight percent say they would refuse to donate organs after death. In 2018, Finland’s  youngest organ donor was two years old, and the oldest was 83.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s another hot start to the day with temperatures across the whole country around +20C or hotter already by 08:30. There’s some cloud cover in the far north of Lapland, and also down the eastern border and on the Ostrobothnia coast as well but in general expect bright sunshine everywhere on Wednesday morning. Meteorologists predict the hottest temperature in the country could break +33C this week – already in northern Lapland on Tuesday the temperature was over +30C, the hottest so far this year.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 24th July 2019 / Credit: FMI