Morning headlines: Wednesday 23rd October 2019

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More rats spotted in Espoo – but don’t blame metro migration

Residents in Espoo have noticed a lot of creatures scurrying around recently. Rattus Norvegicus – brown rats – have been spotted in apparently greater numbers especially near metro stations leading some locals to wonder if perhaps the rodents have been using the recently opened Länsimetro extension to migrate west from Helsinki. The short answer, say experts, is no. But the longer answer is more interesting. “Wherever there are people, there are always rats” says Jukka Kiesi, Environmental Inspector for the City of Helsinki. Rats are often seen around construction sites because the noise drives them from their nests but it is highly unlikely they’re using metro tunnels to migrate west from Helsinki to Espoo. But there are other reasons there’s more rodents being seen along the new metro line. Read more at our original story here.

Three injured in overnight crash 

Three young people have been injured in an overnight crash, two of them seriously. It happened in Kangasala near Tampere. Emergency crews got a call around 03:00 and when they got to the scene of the crash found two men and a woman in the vehicle, one of them trapped and had to be cut out. Police questioned the driver at the scene, who said he lost control of the vehicle, but he is suspected of drink driving, drugs and other driving offenses.

Rail delays expected after freight train derailment

The Finnish Rail Traffic Centre says that passengers should expect ongoing delays this morning after an interruption to overnight services on the main line between Tampere and Parkano. A timber train derailed overnight with at least one wagon going off the tracks. Services were suspended overnight and although the damage is currently being repaired there are likely to be delays to some services throughout the morning between Tampere and Parkano. VR says it is asking passengers to prepare for “significant delays” and replacement bus services while repairs are underway to the damaged railway track.

Experts look at hybrid threats in Helsinki 

The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats in Helsinki is hosting EU and NATO experts today for a conference about how to respond to hybrid threats. Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (Green) is speaking at the opening of the event, which looks at how countries who face common threats that could be tackled more effectively with a coordinated response at EU level.

Pop star Alma to support Christina Aguilera on tour

ICYMI: Finnish pop star Alma is set to play some of Europe’s biggest venues when she joins global superstar Christina Aguilera on her upcoming UK tour. Alma will join Aguilera in Glasgow, Manchester and two dates in London in early November. The two singers crossed paths this past summer at the Pori Jazz Festival when both played the same stage on the same night, just a couple of hours apart. Read more at our story here.

Wednesday morning weather 

It’s a bright and mild mid-week for most of the country with sunshine everywhere from Hanko to Lapland. In the far north temperatures hover around freezing with the chance of light snow in Kilpisjärvi. But everywhere else can expect a fair Wednesday morning with temperatures ranging from +1°C in Kemi to +5°C through Central Finland; +7°C down the Ostrobothnia Coast, +8°C in the capital city region and +7°C down the eastern border.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 23rd October 2019 / Credit: FMI