Morning headlines: Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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Newspaper: Centre Party criticism of Sipilä’s leadership style 

Rural Future newspaper reports this morning on “rigorous criticism” of Centre Party leader and caretaker Prime Minister Juha Sipilä from within his own party. The media outlet talked to current and former Centre Party MPs as well as regional leaders, who say that under Sipilä’s leadership the party’s policy focus shifted too far to the centre right. There’s criticism too of how Sipilä promoted the policies of former transport minister Anne Berner at the expense of some of the party’s long-established political goals.

Imatra track open after accident, but some delays continue

A section of train track in Imatra is open again this morning after an accident on Tuesday evening. A freight train wagon derailed and interrupted all traffic due to damage on the line. According to the Rail Traffic Centre the length of track affected by the accident has been reduced so that it doesn’t impact all the trains. However some passenger trains this morning will still be replaced with bus services between Joensuu and Lappeenranta; and Imatra and Lappeenranta as well.

Finland preps for quarter finals against Sweden

The Finnish men’s national team has a day off at the ice hockey World Championships today, as they prepare for a quarter final game against Sweden. On Tuesday, the Lions fell 4-2 to Germany, which denied them the chance to finish top of group A, and have an easier path through to the semis. Instead the Finns face old rivals Sweden on Thursday in Kosice, the city that has been their base so far during this tournament. If they beat Sweden, they’ll face either Czech Republic or Germany in the semi finals.

Half of Finns would rather give up sex than their smartphone! 

According to a study from condom brand Sultan, 48% of Finns say they would rather give up sex, than give up their smartphone! And women (61%) are much more willing than men (35%) to ditch the sex and keep their phones instead. Finns use their mobile data much more than average users in other countries, and a previous survey by phone operator Elisa relationships could suffer if one or both partners spend more than 1.5 hour per day browsing social media sites on their smartphones. The Sultan condom survey about sex and mobile phones was carried out in January, and more than 1000 people from across the country aged 15-75 took part.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a changeable start to Wednesday morning with the best of the sunshine and temperatures in the south and south west, with cooler weather across northern Finland. This afternoon sees thunderstorms and rain moving in. Temperatures in the morning range from +2C in Lapland to +7C in Oulu; +13C and sunny across Central Finland; +12C in Vaasa; and +17C in Turku, Tampere, Helsinki and the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 22nd May 2019 / Credit: FMI