Morning Headlines: Wednesday 21st March 2018

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SUPO Reveals 2017 Cyber Attacks, Russia Spying

Finland’s security police SUPO says that cyber attacks against Finnish companies have become more difficult to battle in the last year. In their 2017 yearbook released today, SUPO revealed that cyber attacks carried out on behalf of foreign governments were targeting companies to steal information about Finland’s infrastructure and product development. One reason the fight against cyber attacks has become more difficult, according to SUPO, is that companies are out-sourcing their information management. This morning, SUPO also revealed that Russian spies in Finland were as active as ever, focusing on human intelligence gathering. They were particularly interested in Finland’s foreign and security policy, and finding out more about the new intelligence laws that were being prepared by MPs last year.

Last Day of North Korea Talks

Today is the last scheduled day of secretive talks between North Korea, South Korea and the USA which are taking place in Vantaa. Although American news channel CNN had reported that de-nuclearisation was on the agenda, Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini says that nuclear issues aren’t on the table at Königstedt Manor, where foreign media crews have been camped out in the snow trying to catch a glimpse of the 18 delegates – six from each country – taking part in discussions. The North Korean side is lead by Choe Kang-il a senior diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pyongyang. Read more background, context and analysis of the 3-way talks at our original story here.

Overnight Car Crashes: Järvenpää, Turku

Police in Järvenpää say a man was killed early this morning after his car hit a lamppost and rolled on its roof. The crash happened around 02:00, and rescue crews say the road surface was slippery at the time. The man, aged 20 to 30, was the sole occupant of the vehicle and police say they are investigating the cause of the crash. Meanwhile the Turku ring road is closed in both directions at Lieto after a two car crash. Rescue crews expect the cleanup at the site to last until mid-morning.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s another cold start to the day across Finland – something we’ve been saying for the last six months! The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI forecasts temperatures down to -11°C in Lapland, with snow expected across the north. Along the western coast from Vaasa to Pori as well, temperatures there will fall to about -5°C. In the eastern border expect sunshine and blue skies, although it will feel cold at -14°C. Meanwhile in the capital city region there’s also a bright Wednesday ahead, with temperatures still down at -10°C.