Morning headlines: Wednesday 20th May 2020

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New coronavirus information for elderly people

Minister for Family and Basic services Krista Kiuru (SDP) is leading a briefing with senior officials on Wednesday morning to give an update for older people during the coronavirus crisis. The focus is on well-being of the over-70s and how to communicate safely with relatives during a period of self-isolation. Advocacy groups have previously said they want more help, advice and support for the elderly who are stuck at home or in care facilities during the pandemic. “All the restrictions have of course been a sign of goodwill. The decision-makers have decided to protect the older people and we have reason to be thankful for that” Olle Norrback, Chairman of the Swedish Pensioners’ Association recently told News Now Finland. “On the other hand the isolation cannot last too long because people are not ready to be isolated for an endless period” he said. Read more at our original story hereWe’ll have a full story with the latest news from the government briefing on Wednesday morning.

Helsingin Sanomat: Social Democrats extend their poll lead

A new political poll in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper this morning shows Prime Minister Sanna Marin‘s Social Democrats have extended their lead as the most popular party. They’re up 1.7 percentage points to 22.1%. There’s also continued misfortunes for the Finns Party who fall down another 2.1 percentage points from the last Helsingin Sanomat survey a month ago to 18.1%, but still holding on to second place. Those were the two biggest moves on the new poll, which had a wide sample of 2,214 people questioned between 20th April and 14th May. Overall the five parties that make up the government coalition would enjoy 57% support from voters if an election were held right now, according to this new survey.

Lännen Media: Hundreds of Border Guards seconded to new missions

Hundreds of Border Guards have been seconded to new missions during the coronavirus crisis, according to a new investigation by Lännen Media published on Wednesday. The staff, including dozens of retired workers brought back to help out, have been transferred temporarily from the eastern border with Russia to the northern borders with Sweden and Norway. A senior officer tells Lännen Media that surveillance capacity along the eastern border is somewhat weaker than normal with the personnel assigned to other tasks.

Coronavirus pandemic makes parents feel depressed

More than half of Finnish parents find their experiences during the coronavirus crisis make them feel gloomy or hopeless. That’s the results of a new survey carried out by researchers at the University of Jyväskylä. Some 54% of parents who responded to the survey said they felt downbeat about the situation while 44% said they felt hopeful about it. However, as many as 72% of the respondents felt the situation has had a positive effect on the parent-child relationship, despite the potential challenges of spending more time together or distance learning. More than 1,100 parents responded to the survey, 88% mothers, which was carried out between 22nd April and 13th May.

Wednesday morning weather

The weather starts out bright and sunny on Wednesday morning but becomes more unsettled as the day goes on. Expect rain showers to develop in central and southern areas with the chance of thunder in some places. Temperatures are coolest in the north of Lapland, just a few degrees above zero. Elsewhere highs of +4°C this morning in Oulu and through Central Finland and down the eastern border. Vaasa is sunny and +8°C to start the day and there’s sunshine too with temperatures around +6°C and +7°C in the southwest, Uusimaa and the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 20th May 2020 / Credit: FMI