Morning headlines: Wednesday 19th June 2019

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Police corruption trial verdict due today 

The verdict is due today at Helsinki District Court in a major case involving high ranking police officers. The court has been deciding whether a group of senior police officers knew about the illegal practices of the ex-chief of Helsinki Drug Police Jari Aarnio, who failed to register official sources. Aarnio has already been tried and convicted on a number of serious offenses but this current case is about other police in his chain of command, what they potentially knew about what he was doing, and whether they should have intervened.

Cargo ship runs aground 

An 80-metre long cargo ship has run aground on rocks near Puumala in South Savo. The incident happened around 23:00 on Tuesday night and rescue services say none of the eight people on board was injured. The boat is not leaking, and not in danger of sinking at this time. The boat will need to be towed from the island where it ran aground, and rescue crews say there are no strong currents in the area where it happened, and efforts to get it back into open water should take place today.

New Defence Forces commander named today 

The new head of Finland’s Defence Forces will be named by President Niinistö today with widespread expectation that Lieutenant General Timo Kivinen will get the job. He is currently the Head of the General Staff and been considered one of the main contenders for the job. The five year term of the current commander Jarmo Lindberg comes to an end in July when the new commander takes over.

Finland braces for Midsummer mosquito invasion 

Experts say a snowy winter and an early start to summer are set to trigger a mosquito invasion around Midsummer. The winter weather created favourable environmental conditions for the insects larvae to develop and there could be as many as 2.4 trillion mosquitoes this year in Finland. There are 40 different types of mosquitos in Finland but only the females are interested in sucking human blood. The good news: there’s fewer in Lapland at present because the larvae haven’t had time to hatch, but in general the further north you go the more mosquitoes there are. It takes 3 weeks for mosquito larvae to hatch and a third of those 2.4 trillion mosquitoes will hit Finland in the first wave alone!

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a warm and sunny start to most parts of the country except up in north east Lapland where the temperature starts the day around +8C and there’s rain in the forecast. For the rest of the country, expect sunshine and temperatures ranging from +15C in Oulu, to +17C in Central Finland; +20C down the eastern border; +18C in south west Finland; and +18C in Helsinki and the capital city region. Temperatures are forecast to climb towards the end of the work week.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 19th June 2019 / Credit: FMI