Morning Headlines: Wednesday 18th October 2017

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Overnight Fire 

A late night fire in Lohja has left a man and his dog dead. Rescue services were alerted just before midnight to the 1950s home, which was totally destroyed in the blaze. This morning, a fire investigation is underway, and it is believed the fire started from the inside of the building.

Ice Hockey Money

Finnish ice hockey teams are generating surprising amounts of money for their communities – even smaller teams in modest-sized regional cities. A new report shows that Vaasa Sport is worth an extra €4m per year for the city, so where does all the money come from, how is it made and spent, and how important is it for Vaasa? Our original story takes a look.

Talvivaara Mine Appeal

The former CEO of Talvivaara mine Pekka Perä will be in court today, appealing against his conviction for aggravated environmental damage. The District Court in Kainuu convicted him in and other executives in 2016 for pollution from the mine’s operations, and the damage it caused to the nearby ecosystem. It was one of Finland’s worst recent environmental incidents. Perä denies the charges.

Last Hospital Births

Helsinki’s Kätilööpisto maternity hospital will stop delivering babies today after 14:00. The hospital was opened in the 1960s and is Finland’s largest maternity hospital. Each year there are more than 7000 babies born there, or about half the total number of births in the Helsinki metropolitan area. But now due to problems with the air quality inside the building, Kätliööpisto has to close. From this afternoon, babies in the capital city region will be delivered at Helsinki Women’s Hospital or Jorvi in Espoo. In addition in the HUS system, babies can by born in Hyvinkää and Lohja.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s a cloudy, rainy and foggy start to Wednesday morning across much of the country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In the south, it will feel mild outside with still double digit temperatures of +10°C. Further north, temperatures will cool to a chilly -5°C in the far north of Lapland. But expect some depressing conditions outside as you begin your day.