Morning headlines: Wednesday 16th October 2019

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More than a quarter of Finnish companies say Brexit will impact their business

A new study by the Central Chamber of Commerce finds that 26.5% of Finnish companies say that Brexit will impact their business. The UK is set to leave the EU at the end of October but no deal has yet been agreed between the two sides ahead of a crucial European Council meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday. The Chamber of Commerce also found that a further 25% of companies have no idea if Brexit will impact them, and that’s a particular worry. “The number of companies uncertain about the impact of Brexit is 25.1%, which is exceptionally high. Either companies are not sufficiently prepared for Brexit, or they are not yet in a position to assess the situation, as the various Brexit options are still open” says Timo Vuori, Director of International Affairs at the Central Chamber of Commerce. Vuori also warns that the UK’s departure from the EU customs union will also lead to congestion at ports and in warehouses as new regulations and paperwork requirements are introduced. 

Huuhkajat one step closer to Euro 2020

The Finnish men’s national football team is one step closer to qualifying for its first ever major international tournament with a 3-0 victory over Armenia on Tuesday night in Turku. Goals came from Fredrik Jensen and star Norwich City striker Teemu Pukki who scored two in the second half. The win solidifies the Huuhkajat – Eagle Owl – position in second place in their Group J qualifying pool, pulling ahead of both Armenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina who lost on Tuesday night to Greece. Finland only has to win one of its remaining two games in the group – next month at home against Lichtenstein and away to Greece to qualify for Euro 2020. Read more at our story here.

Government plans increased mining company collateral 

The government is planning to increase the amount of collateral – or deposits – paid by mining companies to compensate for any possible damages caused by the mining operations, including environmental damage and clean-up from accidents. Minister of Economic Affairs Katri Kulmuni (Centre) tells STT Finnish News Agency the new proposals are part of the reform of the Mining Act which should be sumbitted to parliament next year.

Twenty-five year anniversary of EU referendum 

Wednesday marks the 25th anniversary of a referendum in Finland on whether to join the European Union. In the 1994 vote the ‘yes’ side got 56.9% of the vote on a 75¤ turnout of voters. That same year in November the Finnish parliament approved the country’s accession to the EU. When Finland joined at the beginning of 1995 it became a member of the European Union along with Sweden and Austria.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s an overcast start to Wednesday morning across the whole country with the temperatures dipping as low as -9°C in parts of Lapland. It’s warmest on the south coast where the temperature this morning reaches +8°C but elsewhere expect temperatures hovering just a few degrees above freezing. There’s rain in the forecast through Central Finland and Northern Ostrobothnia as well. Any glimpses of sunshine will be seen along the eastern border around Joensuu but the temperatures is also chilly there at -3°C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 16th October 2019 / Credit: FMI