Morning Headlines: Wednesday 15th November 2017

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Parliament’s Budget Debate

Opposition politicians will debate next year’s budget proposals in parliament this afternoon, presenting their alternative budget ideas – which several parties unveiled yesterday. For example, the Left Alliance accuses the government of complicating the lives of low-income people. The Finns Party wants to cut development aid, and cash for state-funded broadcaster YLE.

Supreme Court for ex-Attorney General

The case against Finland’s former Attorney General Matti Nissinen will continue in the Supreme Court today. Nissinen is accused of breach of duty regarding management training contracts awarded to his brother’s company. He has already admitted wrongdoing in the case, but denied it was criminal in nature. Prosecutors are looking for a fine, rather than a prison sentence.

Student Civics

Students across the country have been creating a new declaration of independence for Finland – for how they see the next 100 years. Today, the winners will be announced. The competition is being chaired by First Lady Jenni Haukio, and prizes are distributed by the Speaker of Parliament Maria Lohela (Blue). And students in Vaasa will be taking party in Ahtisaari Day events, around the themes of conflict resolution. They’ll benefit from the expertise of staff from President Ahtisaari’s Conflict Management Initiative office, who are visiting the city to work with pupils.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s a cold start if you’re in Lapland this morning. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI, some places will see temperatures drop to -11°C at the start of Wednesday. Across the rest of Lapland, expect temperatures to be well below zero in all areas. Meanwhile, it’s a cloudy start to the day across much of the country, with a chance of snow in the east. Temperatures in the capital city region are hovering a few degrees above freezing; and there could be a chance of morning rain for Turku.