Morning headlines: Wednesday 15th January 2020

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Timo Soini interview: The unrepentant father of Finnish populism

Former Foreign Minister Timo Soini is back in the spotlight after seven months away. He’s written a new book called ‘Populism’ with an English-language version due out later this month as well, which charts his political ideologies. Soini says he’s never shied away from the word populism. “This is how I can define my politics. I know it’s rare that people will take this label on their forehead but this is what I did.” In an unfiltered discussion, Soini talks about Brexit and his friendship with divisive British politician Nigel Farage; his work as an MEP in Brussels; and what he could plan to do next – including another possible run for elected office. Read more in our original story here.

Rise in the number of trafficked people in Finland

New figures from the Finnish Immigration Service Migri show a rise in the number of people who were known to have been trafficked through the country. During 2019 Migri says their Victim Support System has helped 70 trafficked people. That’s up from 52 in 2018, while in 2016 there were just 42 people. Migri estimates that most of the people who fall into the trafficked category are forced labour in restaurants, construction sites or working as cleaners.

Domestic catering services generate 78 million kilos of food waste

The National Resources Institute Luke estimates that domestic catering services in Finland generate up to 78 million kilos of food waste every year. Their study looked at edible waste, as well as non-edible bio-waste like coffee grounds and egg shells. “Food wasted causes totally unnecessary climate and other environmental impacts. In addition, producing discarded food in catering services causes useless work in the kitchen and is a sheer waste of money for companies and municipalities in the industry” says Luke researcher Kirsi Silvennoinen.

Elovena girl loses Finnish national costume

The Elovena girl, a symbol of the popular oat brand for 95 years, is getting a makeover. Traditionally the oat brand has used a Finnish woman in typical national costume on the box. However she’ll lose the national costume in a bid to make the brand more popular overseas. Raisio, the company that makes Elovena, says the product will remain unchanged but that the new look Elovena girl will start to gradually appear from February onwards.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a wet start to Wednesday morning as a low pressure front brings rain to the southern third of the country. It will be mild as well with temperatures ranging from +2°C in Central Finland to +4°C in the capital city region and +6°C in the south west and Åland. Further north expect some snow in southern Lapland and temperatures down as low as -14°C. Later on Wednesday the temperature in the south could hit up to double digits, but there’s going to be a strong wind warning in place for Åland, the south west, Satakunta, Uusimaa, Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme, Kymenlaakso and Pirkanmaa – with winds gusting up to speeds of 20 meters per second in some areas.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday 15th January 2020 / Credit: FMI