Morning headlines: Wednesday 14th November 2018

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Helsinki Club set to vote on women members 

The exclusive men-only Helsinki Club will be voting today on whether to allow women to become members. The vote comes with some high profile threats, as National Coalition Party Chairman Petter Orpo and party secretary Janne Pesonen have both said they’ll resign if the club doesn’t accept female members. Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen has already quit the club over the issue. The Helsinki Club was founded back in 1876 and shares the same building as the National Coalition Party. Just last week another exclusive men-only club The Stock Exchange Club, voted to allow women to join.

Cancer research grant for Turku University

The Cancer Foundation has announced it’s giving a €450,000 research grant to the University of Turku to study cancer cells in breast cancer and brain cancers. The new project will be lead by the University’s Professor Jukka Westermarck, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the drugs used for cancer treatment. This year the Cancer Foundation is marking it’s 70th anniversary by giving €8.8 million worth of support together with the Finnish Cancer Society to scientific research.

Alko wine sales growing, other products down

Finland’s state-run alcohol monopoly Alko is reporting continued strong sales of wine in its stores. During October, sales of rosé wines were up 34.2% compared to one year before. In September rosé wines were up 15.3% compared to September 2017. In total, Alko sold 6.2 million litres of booze in October which is down 7% on the previous year. Some analysts had predicted that Alko would do less business when the Alcohol Act came into force at the beginning of 2018 and allowed sales of stronger beers, ciders and long drinks in supermarkets, but Alko itself says it’s too soon to tell yet what the impact of the new looser legislation might be. It’s still only possible to buy wines and spirits in Alko stores.

Finnish girls lose World Cup opener

Finland’s girls have lost the opening match of the under-17 World Cup in Montevideo. The team were beaten 1-0 by New Zealand in the Uruguayan capital city. The only goal of the game came late in the 2nd half. Despite the initial setback in the tournament, Finland’s u17 girls still face the hosts Uruguay and Ghana as they try to qualify for the next round of the competition.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a cool start to Wednesday morning with temperatures in Lapland a few degrees below zero but in general the mild November continues with the forecast for munch of the country this morning between +2°C and +7°C. However don’t expect much in the way of sunshine. It’s cloudy and overcast everywhere, with fog in some eastern border areas. The best chance of sun on Wednesday morning will be in the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 14th November 2018 / Credit: FMI