Morning Headlines: Wednesday 13th September 2017

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Turku Attacker’s Military Target?

New reporting from regional newspaper group Lännen Media suggests that Turku knife attacker Abderrahman Bouanane might have been planning to attack a naval base, near to the reception centre where he was staying. Police had previously said the Moroccan terror suspect had several different locations planned for attacks. You can read more in our story here.

EU Autumn Session Starts

The EU’s autumn session gets underway today in Strasbourg. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will make his annual ‘state of the union’ speech, outlining plans for the upcoming year, and the commission’s priorities. We should know more later today, how these might impact Finland.

Finnish Forest Sinkhole Vote

The European parliament is voting today on the tricky topic of carbon sinkholes, where Finland has some major skin in the game. Finland might be subject to extra costs or additional emissions obligations due to the way that deforestation is calculated as having an impact on carbon emissions. Because of Finland’s extensive logging industry, there might be hefty fees involved.

Gay Marriage Minister Investigated

The church in Finland will decide what to do about former pastor Kai Sadinmaa of Helsinki’s Kallio Parish. Several people lodged official complaints about the pastor after he conducted wedding ceremonies for gay couples at the beginning of March. Sadinmaa plans to protest the hearing today, at Helsinki cathedral.


It’s a mixed start to the weather picture all across Finland this morning, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. There’s mild temperatures throughout Finland, ranging from +14°C in the capital city region to a not-so-chilly +7°C in the far north of Lapland. But there’s going to be cloud and scattered showers in all regions, and not a lot of blue skies to be seen anywhere.