Morning headlines: Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Food delivery workers fight for better working conditions

Workers at Foodora Finland say the company has eroded their terms and conditions of service, slashed pay, and even closed down a space where bike couriers could warm up in the middle of winter. Now, a pressure group of current and former freelancers wants people to know the realities of being part of Finland’s new ‘gig economy’. Foodora says they provide competitive salaries and are considering re-opening a break room for cycle couriers. But the company is facing legal troubles in other parts of the world over the way it treats delivery couriers, and in Finland unions say the bike riders or car drivers who take food from restaurants to homes should have the same rights and protections as full time employees. Read a full report in our original story here.

Kittilä trial continues for local politicians

The trial continues today for 27 local politicians from Kittilä in Lapland, who are facing criminal charges over professional misconduct. Some of the councilors are also facing additional charges. The case centres around the decision in 2014 to form a committee of councilors to fire the mayor of Kittilä, after she exposed details of a lucrative contract to build a new ski lift. The local politicians on trial come from the National Coalition Party, Left Alliance, Centre Party and the Finns Party. The trial is expected to last several months as lawyers lay out the complicated financial and procedural case for and against the councilors.

Joensuu store robbed at knifepoint

Police in Joensuu say a man robbed a shop at knifepoint – and maybe not for the first time. It happened last night in Rantakylä, when the man came into the shop with his face covered by a mask and demanded money. He threatened the cashier with a knife, and escaped with a small amount of cash. No other customers were in the store at the time, and nobody was hurt. Officers say a man with a similar description robbed another area store last week and they think the two cases are linked. The suspect in the earlier robbery hasn’t been identified.

Finland beats Estonia 

The men’s national football team has beaten Estonia 1-0 in their second game of the UEFA Nations League tournament. A sold-out crowd at Veritas Stadium in Turku watched the Eagle Owls – or Huuhkajat in Finnish – as Finland eased into the lead thanks to a first half goal from Teemu Pukki. Finland now sits on top of League C, Division 2, with six points from two games – ahead of Hungary, Greece and Estonia. The new Nations League format offers a chance for lower-ranked teams like Finland to possibly make it through to the Euro 2020 finals. Read more about Finland’s chances in the tournament in our original story here.

Wednesday morning weather:

It’s another wet start to the day with the rain continuing in Lapland, along the eastern border, and central Finland too. The southwest and capital city region should be more dry with some sunshine as well. Otherwise it’s a pretty cloudy start to the day all over the country with temperatures ranging from just +7°C up in Kilpisjärvi to +15°C down in Hanko at the start of the day.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 12th September 2018 / Credit: FMI