Morning headlines: Wednesday 11th September 2019

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Dozens evacuated in Mikkeli fire

Twenty five people have been evacuated from an apartment block in Mikkeli after a late night fire. Rescue crews got the call around 22:00 on Tuesday night and when they arrived at the scene they found the sauna and bathroom in the fourth floor apartment already ablaze, with flames coming out the windows. Smoke spread into the building hallway and residents of three adjacent flats were evacuated. One person, the occupant of the flat, was slightly injured in the blaze but everyone was allowed back into their homes after firefighters put out the fire. This morning an investigation continues into the cause of the fire.

Report: Posti plans pay cuts for thousands of workers

Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reports this morning that Posti is planning to cut the salaries of up to 8000 employees. The company currently has around 22,000 workers. Recently the company decided to move a collective bargaining agreement for 7000 parcel delivery workers from one union to another when it expired, and this would have meant pay cuts of up to 50% for some staff. Helsingin Sanomat reports that Posti plans to make a similar switch for thousands more workers in future. Meanwhile Prime Minister Antti Rinne (SDP), himself a former union leader, suggests to the newspaper that workers affected by a move of their collective bargaining agreement, and subsequent pay cuts, could get a one time lump sum cash payment to help ease the transition.

Haavisto attends Nordic meeting after controversial comments

Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto is in Iceland today, attending a meeting of Nordic foreign ministers in the town of Borgarnes. The meeting focuses on security policy issues, including the safety of the Baltic Sea and Arctic region; cyber and hybrid threats; Russia, and the ongoing Ukraine conflict. The meeting comes after Haavisto told the Financial Times newspaper the EU should improve its relations with Russia. That comment has been widely criticised in Estonia with both the foreign minister – who flies to Iceland on Thursday to join the meeting – and ex-President Ilves of Estonia making negative comments about Haavisto’s stance. “Every Western foreign minister lacking relevant experience comes in believing all earlier officeholders were idiots. But *he* or *she* will be the one to set Russia relations right” Toomas Ilves wrote on Twitter about Haavisto.

Wednesday morning weather 

It starts of pretty decent this morning in most parts of the country but there’s rain moving in as the day goes on, it will get windy with high wind warnings inland later in the day. And that marks a change in the weather with more wind and rain over the coming days. This morning however, cloudy but mild in Lapland with temperatures ranging from +12°C to +14°C. The best of the sunshine is in the southern part of Finland from about Vaasa and all points south with temperatures around +15°C. There’s rain already however this morning in the south west around Turku.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 11th September 2019 / Credit: FMI