Morning Headlines: Tuesday 9th January 2018

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Helsinki Metro Morning Shutdown

There’s been commuter chaos this morning on the Helsinki metro after an early morning shutdown. Travel on the whole network was suspended just after 06:00 due to a technical failure. Replacement bus services were activated on parts of the line, and irregular metro service started up again after about 45 minutes. However, problems persisted in the new Länsimetro western extension of the network, with replacement bus services in operation until 10:00.

Presidential Numbers

With the presidential election coming up at the end of the month, one candidate is disputing polling numbers. Veteran politician Paavo Väyrynen – running as an independent this time, his fourth shot at the presidency – said on a Monday night TV programme that his numbers are really much higher than reported. Väyrynen told state-funded broadcaster YLE that he thinks he is in second place, and that President Sauli Niinistö’s popularity is not as high as people imagine. The first round of voting takes place on January 28th.

Trump Book Coming In Finnish

More presidential news – if you’ve been eagerly following the circus that is American politics, then you might want to get to a book shop in the next few months. A Finnish translation of Michael Wolff’s book ‘The Fire and Fury’ – which touts itself as an insider account of the first year in Donald Trump’s White House – will be translated to Finnish. The book has become an instant best seller in the USA, and a translation should be available in March or April.

Tuesday Morning Weather

The sub-zero temperatures continue across almost the whole country this morning, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In northern Lapland in general temperatures will be warmer than in recent days, but still down to -20°C in the far north. There’s snow forecast in the extreme northerly parts of Finland as well. In central and eastern areas, temperatures will be a few degrees below freezing with cloud cover and fog in places And down the west coast and in the capital city area expect temperatures at +2°C this morning.