Morning headlines: Tuesday 7th January 2020

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How Finland’s fake four-day week became a ‘fact’ in Europe’s media

A fact news story that claimed the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) had announced a police to introduce a six-hour day, four-day working week swept across European media – and further afield – on Monday. Usually reliable media outlets like the Guardian reported a Sanna Marin announcement as if it was a fact – but it never happened. So how did such fake news travel so quickly, with journalists not even making basic checks to ask questions? We take a look at the story to chart the journey of the rumour and see how it spread, and talk to an expert on how the government should react when something like this happens. Read more at our original story here.

One person dead in overnight crash 

Police in Vantaa say one person has died in a collision between two cars. It happened on Lahdenväylä late Monday night near the Korso junction. According to reports the first car collided with a railing and stopped in the lane, and the second car crashed into the back of it. Firefighters says the road conditions at the scene of the accident were wet but not exceptionally slippery. There were only two people in the cars, no other passengers involved.

United Brotherhood prison drugs trial begins today

The Southwest Finland District Court is to begin hearing a drugs case on Tuesday, linked to the United Brotherhood’s gang inside Turku Prison. Police have previously said they suspect members of the motorbike crime gang to be heavily involved in the prison drugs scene. The Criminal Sanctions Agency estimates that at Riihimäki high security prison alone, the trade in the drug Subutex is worth €80,000 per month. Drugs are significantly more expensive inside prison, than on the outside. On Monday the United Brotherhood said it was going to give up its activities completely, with the prospect of facing a court ban on its organisation. Read more about those developments at this link.

Organic milk use doubles in schools 

The amount of organic milk being drunk by pupils in schools and kindergartens has doubled. According to the Pro Organic Organisation some 2.97 million liters of milk was consumed last semester, about twice the amount of the previous school term – but still, less than one fifth of the skimmed milk offered to students was organic. The figures are based on the Food Supply Agency’s school subsidy statistics. The use of organic milk in day care centers and schools started to increase in the autumn of 2017, when EU funding for nutrition in schools began to get paid.

GALLERY: Explore Lux Festival in spectacular detail 

Tens of thousands of people have walked on the Lux Festival route through the streets of Helsinki already this year. The annual arts festival runs through Wednesday 8th January and lights up the nights during the darkest time of the year, already attracting a record-breaking 80,000 people on its first night. The whole festival is carbon neutral, and even one of the biggest installations – a fire tornado – is powered with bio fuel. Stunning pictures from Helsinki-based photographer Federico Posch show spectacular details from Lux, the installations, and how light makes the whole city glow in early January. Take a look at the gallery here.

Tuesday morning weather

There’s a warm air front moving in from the southwest which brings plenty of cloud cover but also raises the temperatures which means fog and drizzle in quite many places. This turns to freezing rain further north into Lapland. Temperatures in Lapland only drop below freezing in the far north, and expect some snow around Inari. There’s rain or freezing drizzle in the forecast for Kemi, in Lappeenranta, and also in the capital city region. Otherwise temperatures are up to +5°C from Vaasa down the western coast to Pori, Turku, Åland and Hanko. The rest of the country stays a degree or two above freezing on Tuesday morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 7th January 2020 / Credit: FMI