Morning headlines: Tuesday 6th August 2019

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Right wing amplifies the myth of Helsinki’s “no-go zone”

A spate of vandalism by pre-teens in east Helsinki’s Vuosaari neighbourhood has provoked heated reaction from fed-up locals and right wing agitators alike, who branded the area a “no-go zone”. The picture they want to paint is a lawless suburb where immigrant gangs control the streets and where – white – local residents are afraid to venture out. Police concede that there is a problem with vandalism by bored youngsters who are acting out when there’s little else to do during school holidays. However, senior officers firmly refute the “no-go zone” label and say they’re constantly working to build community trust in Vuosaari. Read more at our original story here.

Tax refunds due today 

Most people who are waiting for tax refunds should get it paid today. Around 1.7 million people should have got a refund into their accounts. The refund date has been brought forward this year and is not the same for everyone, as before. Tax authorities say if you’re expecting a refund and you don’t see it in your account today, some of the main reasons could be that your refund was used to pay any outstanding taxes; your tax refund was less than €5; or you missed the cut-off date to file the paperwork. The next tax refunds will be credited to accounts on 4th September.

Motorbike driver dead after Ring I crash 

A motorcyclist has been killed in a collision involving two cars on Ring I in Helsinki. The accident happened late Monday night, and rescue crews were alerted around 22:00. Police say a passenger car was driving eastbound in the oncoming lane at the Pakila junction, and it resulted in a collision with several vehicles, including the motorbike driver who was killed. The drivers of two passenger cars were also taken to hospital for treatment. The road was closed for several hours, but reopened around 02:00. Police say they’ll have more information about the circumstances of the incident on Tuesday.

Survey: half of Finns would be okay with surrogacy 

Half of people in Finland would allow surrogacies: where a woman carries a baby on behalf of someone else either as the egg donor, or where fertilized eggs are implanted in the womb for the woman to carry the baby to full term. The child is then adopted, and the carrier does not keep the baby. Current laws in Finland prohibit surrogacy pregnancies but the new survey for Uutissuomalainen newspaper signals a change in attitude among Finns. 50% of people say they would allow surrogate pregnancies, while 21% said they’re against it and 26% had no opinion or didn’t want to say. One thousand Finns responded to the online survey carried out Tietoykkönen in June. The margin of error is 3.1 percentage points.

Alko’s new t-shirt line reminds consumers about drinking too much 

The Finnish state alcohol monopoly Alko is going to start selling a new t-shirt range on its website. The unisex shirts have a message on them designed to prompt discussion about alcohol consumption and its impact on health and wellbeing. That might sound strange for a company whose sole mission is to sell booze, but Alko says their goal is not to sell as much alcohol as possible, but to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol in Finnish society.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a mild and bright start to Tuesday morning across much of western, Central and southern Finland, but cloud cover over Lapland and down the eastern border keeps temperatures cooler there, with a chance of rain in the east. Temperatures range from +5C in north west Lapland to +17C in Åland on Tuesday morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 6th August 2019 / Credit: FMI