Morning Headlines: Tuesday 3rd October 2017

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Drug Trials Begin Today

Two separate – but high profile – drugs trials get underway today in Finland. Former Helsinki Police Chief Jari Aarnio’s trial starts at the Court Of Appeal. The prosecution wants to increase his jail time. He was already sentenced to 10 years for drugs offenses, and if successful this appeal would increase his sentence by 3 more years.

And the trial of 10 suspects from Finland and Romania starts today in the Helsinki District Court, after police seized a huge haul of drugs in the summer. They got 400,000 Rivotril tablets which police described at the time as the biggest drugs haul of its kind in Europe. You can read more about the drugs bust and see a gallery of seized tablets in our story.

Turku’s Economic Turnaround

Turku and the surrounding region of southwest Finland have been enjoying some economic prosperity in recent years. It’s due to a boom in manufacturing at the local shipyard and car plant in Uusikaupunki – with thousands of skilled and unskilled jobs available directly, and indirectly in other industries. Read more about the area’s economic turnaround in our story. 

Business Support Review

Finland’s National Audit Office VTV says the way government agencies pay support to businesses needs to be improved. In a new report out this morning, VTV highlights that the number of subsidies has increased since 2015 with a total of almost €3.3 billion; but the number of businesses receiving aid has fallen. VTV highlights a need to tighten procedures along the way from initial applications to follow-up reporting on how the money was spent by the companies that receive it.


It’s a blustery and rainy start to Tuesday morning along the south coast, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Expect some strong winds blowing in from the Baltic combined with persistent rain this morning in the capital city region where temperatures will feel colder than +9°C first thing. That rain continues across most of the rest of the country with overcast skies – although in central Finland there’s a good chance you’ll avoid the rain at least in the morning.