Morning headlines: Tuesday 3rd December 2019

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Government crisis drags on – will Rinne resign? 

Prime Minister Antti Rinne (SDP) is meeting with the chair of the Centre Party Katri Kulmuni and the Centre Party Parliamentary Group leader Antti Kurvinen on Tuesday morning. It comes after Rinne issued an ultimatum to them to come right out and say why they don’t think he can continue as Prime Minister in the aftermath of the ‘Posti-gate’. “Keskusta is the kingmaker here” says Jenni Karimäki from the University of Turku’s Centre for Parliamentary Studies. “You just have to take one look at the polls and you can understand why the Centre Party is keen on hanging on to the government but not necessarily hanging on to Antti Rinne. But there’s no desire for a new election or anything like that because they’re not doing that well at the moment” she says. Already on Tuesday Ilta Lehti newspaper is reporting that Rinne will hand in his resignation this afternoon. Read our story explaining the ins and outs of the latest government crisis here. Read about Antti Rinne’s combative response to the Centre Party at our story here.

Sanna Marin – Prime Minister-in-waiting? 

Could transport minister Sanna Marin be waiting in the wings as Finland’s new Prime Minister if Antti Rinne resigns today? There’s speculation on Tuesday as she cuts short a meeting in Brussels and flies early to Helsinki. Marin is the Social Democrat’s First Vice Chairperson, a deputy to Antti Rinne, and says she’s leaving Brussels due to the “exceptional situation”. “Finnish Ministers are required to be present at home” the Tampere MP writes on Twitter.

Pisa education study results out today 

The results of the OECD Pisa education results for 2018 are released today – a hotly anticipated event in Finland. The study looks at the skills of 15-year olds in OECD countries and Shanghai in China every three years, in science, maths and literacy. In 2006 Finland was riding high in these studies and it was used as a selling-point for the country and its education system by diplomats and politicians alike. However, Finland has dropped down the Pisa scores ever since, by as much as 32 points compared to the peak years. Now, Finnish education experts say the Pisa rankings are not such a useful tool for measuring long term success, but are more of a snapshot.

Monday morning weather

It’s another chilly start to the weather across the whole of Finland on Tuesday morning. The best of the sunshine is found again in Lappeenranta and the south east, everywhere else will see widespread cloud cover this morning with temperatures ranging from -12°C in north west Lapland to -5°C in Oulu; -2°C in Vaasa; -4°C in Jyväskylä; -9°C inland in the south around Lahti; and -4°C in the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 3rd December 2019 / Credit: FMI