Morning headlines: Tuesday 3rd December 2018

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Border Guard raises Brexit concerns

A senior official in Finland’s Border Guard has spoken out about his concerns over Britain’s departure from the European Union, and how it will impact their operations especially during the busy winter months and peak Christmas travel season. The head of the Border Guard’s International Unit Matti Pitkäniitty highlights issues that will affect infrastructure at northern airports; training and supply of officers; the need to reschedule planes; and delays for arriving passengers from the UK for short Lapland holidays. “Brexit will have an impact especially in Lapland where the proportion of British tourists in overall traffic is maybe bigger than at Helsinki Vantaa Airport” says Pitkäniitty. Last year the Finnish Border Guard performed around 176,000 entry and exit checks on UK citizens at four Lapland airports: Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Enonetkiö and Ivalo. Read more about the Border Guard’s concerns over Brexit at our original article here.

Comeback win for Susijengi

The Finnish men’s national basketball team Susijengi have scored a comeback victory on the road against Bosnia-Herzegovina in a World Cup qualifying game. It was a game where Bosnia took the lead almost from the start, and at one point in the second quarter were up by almost 20 points. In the dying seconds of the fourth quarter Finland were still trailing by two points with just 40 seconds on the clock but pulled off an unlikely victory. So far in the qualifying tournament Finland has five wins and five loses. There’s a break over winter and games resume again in late February.

Slush startup/tech conference starts today

The annual tech and startup conference Slush starts properly today, after a Monday filled with side events, pitching and parties. Some 20,000 investors, startups, volunteers and visitors will arrive at Helsinki’s Messukeskus for the two-day event, now in its tenth year. “It is all starting to increasingly become part of the fabric of society. In Finland it’s a big part of the economy, especially looking to the upcoming five or ten years” says Slush CEO Andreas Saari. There’s more investors and more startups than ever before attending this year’s Slush, and organisers have promised they’ll be making the biggest ever launch event over the next 48 hours. Read more of our original interview with Andreas Saari here; or watch a video with 5 things you need to know about Slush 2018 here.

Tuesday morning weather

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 4th December 2018 / Credit: FMI