Morning headlines: Tuesday 30th October 2018

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Slippery roads: one dead in early morning accident 

One person is dead after an early morning accident involving two vehicles on Highway 5 at Leppävirta, south of Kuopio. Police say the crash happened around 07:30 this morning and involved a car and a van in very slippery road conditions. The driver of the car was killed at the crash site, the driver of the van was injured and taken to hospital. Police are warning of the dangers of slippery roads, with overnight temperatures causing black ice in places, and dozens of smaller accidents were reported through the night.

Minister to Russia for trade talks

Finland’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen is in St. Petersburg today, for talks with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Kozak. The pair are meeting under the umbrella of the Finnish-Russian Intergovernmental Commission which is supposed to improve the operating conditions of Finnish companies in Russia, and create connections between businesses, according to a statement. But these days business between the two countries is limited, due to EU sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion and illegal annexation of Crimea, and the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine.

November ‘re-set’ for Finnish politicians 

Some of Finland’s biggest political parties, and best-known political personalities, have the chance to hit the re-set button this week. It’s been a bruising autumn so far for Prime Minister Juha Sipilä‘s government, especially as they were locked in battle with the unions over plans to make it easier for small businesses to fire workers. The Greens also get the chance for a re-set after their chairman Touko Aalto resigned for health reasons, and they’ll pick a successor to see out his term this coming weekend. Embattled foreign minister Timo Soini should be back at work after sick leave this week, and he’ll have to make some big decisions about his own political future. Read more about these issues in our original story here.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a little bit more mild on Tuesday morning than it was just 24 hours before, although the temperatures in Lapland will still drop as low as -12°C at the start of the morning. The best of the sunshine is down the length of th eastern border, with a lot of cloud cover through central Finland and into the south west, south, and capital city region. Along the southern coast and Ostrobothnia coastlines expect stormy weather and high winds gusting up to 18 metres per second.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 30th October 2018 / Credit: FMI