Morning headlines: Tuesday 30th June 2020

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Seal warnings as Saimaa fishing net ban comes to an end

A seasonal ban on fishing nets in parts of Lake Saimaa, put in place to protect rare Saimaa Ringed Seal pups, comes to an end today. But conservationists are calling on fisherman to delay their use of the nets even after the restrictions have ended. Last year in early July five ringed seal pups died in nets in the first weeks they were used and this year there is a greater risk for the pups. The lack of snow and ice during winter means fewer pups overall were born, and those which survived had a shakier start to life so conservation groups are concerned that when net fishing begins tomorrow, it could really threaten an already-critical population of the freshwater mammals.

IL: Chief Physician cites three reasons for coronavirus success

The Chief Physician at Finland’s largest health district says he thinks there are three key reasons why the country handled the coronavirus crisis effectively. Speaking to Iltalehti  newspaper, Asko Järvinen from the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District says that an early response with restrictions helped prevent the virus from spreading uncontrollably. He also says that Finns’ natural tendency to keep social distances helped, as did work from healthcare professionals to trace chains of infection. But Dr Järvinen also warns that while the epidemic may have calmed down now in Finland the virus has not completely disappeared. He tells the newspaper there are still individual cases and it could start to spread odors in public places.

250-hectare forest fire contained 

A forest fire that broke out in Northern Ostrobothnia, has been contained after burning 250 hectares. Local fire departments were alerted to the fire in Muhos on Monday afternoon, as it spread quickly fueled by dry ground and brisk winds. By the early hours of Tuesday morning the blaze was contained, but firefighters will stay on the scene during the day to dampen down the area and extinguish the last of the fire. Nobody was injured in the fire, with the nearest home just 1km from the flames, and the village of Muhos is several kilometers away from the fire area.

Sales of older homes dropped sharply in May

The number of older homes sold through real estate agents during May plunged 30% compared with the year before. That’s according to new figures released Tuesday morning by Statistics Finland. In the capital city region prices of older homes rose by about 1.4% year-on-year while outside the capital prices actually fell by 3.5%. That price drop was felt seen most strongly in the Oulu housing market, and in western Finland in general. The decline in housing sales was seen most clearly in apartment sales which decreased almost 35% from the same time last year, while the fall in sale of row houses was about 25% down on May 2019.

Tuesday morning weather

There’s rain around on Tuesday morning and more to come later as the day moves on. It’s heaviest in the capital city region, but also in northern Lapland. Over the course of Tuesday the rains will move from Uusimaa further north, and the wind picks up in the east. Temperatures on Tuesday morning are significantly cooler than the heatwave of last week, with more cloud cover as well / less sunshine. Temperatures start the day at just +3°C in northwest Lapland +16°C for Kemi and Oulu; +14°C through central Finland and down the eastern border. It’s a few degrees warmer at +17°C from Vaasa down to Turku.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 30th June 2020 / Credit: FMI