Morning headlines: Tuesday 30th July 2019

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Rally drives Jyväskylä’s economic development in summer

With 260,000 tourists expected to descent on the Central Finland city of Jyväskylä this week for Neste Rally Finland, it’s no surprise that the country’s biggest annual sports event is a major engine for the region’s economy. Hotels are fully booked and small businesses count on the income from rally fans at an event that’s been going on almost 70 years. There’s also an opportunity for startups to find funding during the rally, in a new strategy adopted by city officials in recent years. “When you combine the rally with the business it’s easier to bring international people and get the chance to show off our university and what kind of startups we have here” says Anne Sandelin, Director of Business Development for Jyväskylä. Read more at our original story here.

HS Poll: Support increases for Finns Party 

A new poll from Helsingin Sanomat shows the right wing populist Finns Party increasing their appeal to potential voters. In April’s election the Finns Party came in second behind the Social Democrats and the latest survey shows them with 20.7% support – that’s up 1.5% since June. The National Coalition Party is seond with 16.7%, while the Social Democrats are third with 16.5%. The Greens are on 14% while the Centre Party slips to 12.2%. Overall, support for the five parties in the government coalition stands at 55.3%. The poll was carried out by TNS Kantar and asked 2248 people with a margin of error of 2.1% for the largest parties.

Court decision for Helsinki Christmas killing due today 

The verdict for a man accused of stabbing a 7-year old child to death on Christmas Eve is due today. The trial began two weeks ago, with the 36-year old suspect claiming he had delusions in the days leading up to the killing. Police were called to the apartment in Helsinki’s Arabianranta neighbourhood close to midnight on 24th December last year, they found the boy already dead and the suspect was arrested at the scene. The man had a long history criminal involvement, with a string of convictions for assault, theft and drink driving dating back to his teenage years. He also received a suspended prison sentence back in 2007 for assault.

Foreign Minister heads to Latvia for talks

Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) is in Riga today for talks with the new Latvian President, and his foreign minister counterpart. On the agenda are EU issues, Finland’s EU Presidency, relations with Russia, the situation in the Persian Gulf and topical regional issues. “The Baltic Sea region is of key importance to Finland from the point of view of foreign and security policy, trade and the economy, and the environment” says Haavisto in a press release. During his visit, Haavisto will also go to the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellent which is based in Riga.

ICYMI: Our latest Podkäst episode 

Did you catch the latest episode of Podkäst? Journalist Marianne Sundholm from Svenska Yle is in the studio discussing issues of discrimination against people with foreign-sounding names in the Finnish workplace, and her new assignment reporting in Sweden. Plus we’ve got two-time Finnish Paralympic athlete Esa-Pekka Mattila giving a guided tour of Helsinki by wheelchair to highlight the challenges faced by disability residents and visitors to the Finnish capital. Spoiler alert: cobblestones are the enemy of wheelchairs! Subscribe on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, or click this link to listen to episode #4.

Tuesday morning weather 

It’s a much cooler and wetter start to the day than we’ve had for a long time – you’re going to think it’s autumn already! Some parts of the country won’t see double digit temperatures today. There’s cloud cover that starts at Inari and continues all the way down the eastern border, with rain in many places and temperatures between +6C and +9C. Down the west coast and into Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa and the capital city region there’s more sun this morning and slightly warmer temperatures between +10C and +14C. The best sunshine in the whole country can be found in Kilpisjärvi but the temperature there is only +5C on Tuesday morning.

Finnisth Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 30th July 2019 / Credit: FMI