Morning headlines: Tuesday 29th September 2020

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Finnish students caught in Scotland coronavirus lockdown

Finnish students in Scotland have been caught up in a coronavirus lockdown, and threatened with expulsion from university if they’re caught breaking the rules. The warnings come as 60% of all new coronavirus cases in Scotland are registered in young people aged 15-24, with viral clusters at university halls of residence associated with an influx of students at the beginning of term. “It’s one of those things you have so many institutions giving rules, but nobody really knows if you’re actually breaking the law or just not following advice” says Robert Halenius, a third year student from Naantali, studying at the University of Aberdeen. “The fines can be quite brutal as well” he notes. Several Finnish students are understood to be quarantined in their halls of residence at Glasgow University after a Covid-19 outbreak there, and concerns are being raised about mental health issues and the value of education for Finns in Scotland this year with a limit on the amount of degree research or practical work that can be done remotely. Read more at our original story here.

One berry picker found dead, another still missing

An elderly woman missing in Petäjävesi in Central Finland has been found dead. The 83-year old berry picker was found late Monday evening by a volunteer rescue dog patrol close to her home address. According to police the woman was last contacted on Saturday during the day when she said she planned to go berry picking. This morning police will continue the investigation into her death. Meanwhile in an unrelated case, another berry picker is also missing in Central Finland. The 65-year old man from Kyyjärvi had plans to go picking lingonberries over the weekend but has not been seen since. The search for him has focused on the Lake Valkeinen area and police ask for any sightings to be reported to emergency number 112.

Espoo reports several possible coronavirus mass exposures 

The City of Espoo is reporting a number of possible coronavirus mass exposures. These have happened in a number of locations over several days including Sello public library (21 – 22 September); the Burger King restaurant at Sello shopping centre (21 – 23 September in the evenings); a skate park in Olari (16 – 25 September); and a McDonald’s restaurant at Suomenjoa (23 September in the morning). Public health officials are advising anyone who visited those locations on the dates mentioned to monitor their health condition carefully, and book a coronavirus test if they show even mild symptoms.

Government meeting on new covid restrictions

Government ministers are meeting at 16:00 today for a new round of talks about the coronavirus crisis. It comes as the number of cases in Finland is rising, and healthcare officials say they’re having an increasingly difficult time tracking the sources of infections – while a greater proportion of tests are coming back positive. With a surge of young people in particular being confirmed with Covid-19, and a large number of cases being traced to bars and restaurants, ministers will be focusing on whether to introduce shorter opening hours for licensed premises. It could mean last drinks orders at 22:00 or 23:00, with businesses ordered to close an hour after that. A decision is expected later on Tuesday or by Wednesday.

Tuesday morning weather

There’s a lot of cloud cover this morning hanging over the country, but the best of the sunshine is found in the east. Temperatures range from +6°C around Oulu and southern Lapland to +9°C through Central Finland, +14°C in Åland, and +12°C in the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 29th September 2020 / Credit: FMI