Morning headlines: Tuesday 28th May 2019

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Cash bonuses for hockey stars as 50,000 celebrate Lions homecoming

Police estimate that 50,000 people gathered at Kaisaniemi Park in Helsinki on Monday night to welcome home the men’s national ice hockey team. The Lions won their third World Championship gold by beating Canada 3-1 in the final. And they’ll strike gold at home as well, with an expected €27,000 bonus for each player according to Kauppalehti newspaper this morning. The money comes from the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF as part of the World Championship budget. Watch video of thousands of people in Kaisaniemi Park on Monday at our video here.

Government negotiators agree on finances

As party leaders from the Social Democrats, Greens, Centre, Left Alliance and Swedish People’s Party continue their talks to form a new government it seems they’ve reached agreement on common economic policies. It took a late night discussion session to seal the deal, with parties wrapping up talks around 23:00 on Monday.

Finland’s birth rate continues to decline

During the first part of the year, almost a thousand children less were born than the same time last year. That’s according to new preliminary figures from Statistics Finland out this morning. However, despite the low birth rate Finland’s population grew by 833 people from January to April due to people from abroad moving into the country. By the end of April Finland’s entire population was 5,518,752.

Caretaker PM Sipilä meets EU leaders in Brussels 

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels today, their first talks since Sunday’s European Parliament elections. Finland’s caretaker Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) joins those discussions which will look at four key jobs in the EU, including the Presidency of the European Council and the EU’s foreign minister and the President of the European Central Bank. There could be a couple of Finnish candidates for two of these positions. Analysts believe that former Finnish Prime Minister Alex Stubb (NCP) is keen on the job of EU foreign minister, while there has been growing speculation that Olli Rehn (Centre) would be the ideal candidate to head the Central Bank.

Police warn about end-of-school parties 

Police forces across the country will be keeping a close watch on end-of-term parties from young people, as the school year comes to a close. In particular they’re looking out for alcohol being available for underage students, and reminding parents that the responsibility for the children’s welfare lies with them. “Most children and young people gather to celebrate the end of the school year without problems” says police officer Ari Järvenpää, and says when parties are non-alcoholic, the risk of accidents is even lower.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a warmer start to Tuesday morning across a swathe of the centre part of the country, with temperatures up to +14C in some places. For the north and south, it’s cooler again with temperatures only around +6C to +8C and rain forecast in the far north east.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 28th May 2019 / Credit: FMI