Morning Headlines: Tuesday 28th May 2018

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Ramadan Under The Midnight Sun

Tens of thousands of Finnish Muslims are currently celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. For many, that means fasting up to 20 hours per day in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Young Finnish Muslims in Espoo say it’s become easier to be a Muslim in Finland compared to even ten years ago, with the country now more multicultural, and more Muslims in roles such as doctors, nurses and teachers. Gathered around for iftar dinner to break the daily fasting, three generations chat in Finnish, English and Arabic about faith, politics and live in Finland. Read more in our original story here, and see pictures of the traditional iftar meal in our gallery here.

Speaker & Party Leaders Discusses Parliament Leak

The speaker of Parliament Paula Risikko will meet with party chairmen and parliamentary group chairs today to discuss how to prevent leaks from committee meetings. It comes after a draft document about the social and healthcare reform bill ended up in the hands of a tabloid newspaper. This afternoon, the politicians will consider whether to change Parliament’s Rules of Procedure and lower the threshold for disclosing such documents.

Surgery Death Court Decision Today

Pirkanmaa District Court will decide today whether a surgeon is culpable in the death of a women who died after surgery. The woman became ill after having surgery on her knee at a Dextra clinic in Tampere in August 2016, and died soon afterwards from bacterial meningitis. According to the prosecutor, she became infected while having anesthetic injected into her spine, because the anesthetist failed to ensure good hygiene. The prosecution is demanding a prison sentence. The anesthetist denies culpability in the woman’s death.

Million Euro Salaries

The number of Finnish companies that paid out million euro salaries to top managers is on the rise. According to a new report from the Central Chamber of Commerce, 12 companies paid out a million or more during 2017. That’s up from only four companies the year before. The average value of salaries paid out to CEOs in Finnish companies rose from €571,000 in 2016 to €688,000 in 2017.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s another warm and sunny start to Tuesday morning for the whole country today. And the temperatures could top +27°C in some places today. Read more about the record-breaking hot spell, and how it’s set to continue, in our story here.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 29.05.2018 / Credit: FMI