Morning headlines: Tuesday 28th January 2020

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Government hasn’t yet focused on the fate of British nationals after Brexit

Britain leaves the European Union at 01:00 Saturday morning, Helsinki time. While the rights of Brits in Finland are guaranteed until the end of the year under the Withdrawal Agreement, News Now Finland understands that government minister haven’t yet met with officials to focus on drafting legislation about what happens to thousands of British  permanent residents after that. Anyone who already has permanent residence status will have a nine month window to sign up and in theory simply exchange their current status for a similar new status as a ‘third country national’ – after some criminal checks. But some Brits might not meet the minimum salary requirements for third country nationals to be allowed to live and work here unless the government crafts their new legislation specifically to avoid this problem, which potentially involves retired people, spouses, students, unemployed persons, carers and entrepreneurs among others. Read more at our original story here.

Shuttle bus with 19 kids on board crashes  

A shuttle bus with 19 children and two adults on board has crashed after going off the road in Kangasala – however there are no reports of any injuries. The incident happened around 07:30 on Tuesday morning and the local rescue service says road conditions were bad on the Kaarina Maununtyttären road at the time. Another bus was sent to pick up the passengers.

Coldest temperature of winter recorded 

The coldest temperature so far this winter in Finland was recorded as -38.8°C at Kevojärvi in Utsjoki overnight. It’s quite a contrast to the south of the country where the capital city region has had at least 15 days so far in January with the daily maximum temperature above +5°C. Meteorologists say the last time there were so many days like this was back in 1930 when there were 8 January with the temperature above +5°C in Helsinki.

Accident report: drone vs Air Force due today 

The Accident Investigation Board Otkes is due to publish its report and recommendations today into the near-miss of an Air Force jet and a drone which took place in February 2019. The Pirkanmaa Rescue Service drone flew just 10m below the Air Force Learjet in Valkeakoski. Otkes is expected to suggest four safety recommendations to stop the likelihood of such accidents happening in the future.

Tuesday morning weather

If you’re in the capital city region, Tampere or along the Ostrobothnia coast on Tuesday morning expect to see rain with temperatures several degrees above freezing as well. It’s far from being a winter wonderland outside! In Lapland it’s a different story with temperatures starting Tuesday down to -35°C with snow in the forecast as well across much of the region and as far south as Jyväskylä and central areas, and the eastern border. Temperatures range from -8°C in Oulu to -10°C in Joensuu but the chilliest temps on Tuesday morning are across the north.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 28th January 2020 / Credit: FMI