Morning headlines: Tuesday 26th March 2019

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Educators take Finnish lessons, as classrooms adapt to change

International education experts and government ministers have been visiting Finland to learn more about the country’s education system. It comes as classroom teachers are working through a new curriculum that puts phenomenon-based learning at the heard of Finland’s education system – an experiment designed in part to try and close the growing gap in learning outcomes for boys and girls. At Kalasatama school in east Helsinki students are immersed in the new curriculum, which might see a lesson blending art, maths, geography and music as they tackle subjects from a variety of angles. But many teachers are still on the fence about whether it’s an experiment that works. Read more at our original story here.

Appeal begins in Porvoo child stabbing case

The Court of Appeal will begin hearing the case of a man who stabbed and killed his 3-year old daughter in a Porvoo playground. It happened in March 2017, when the father Nicolas Cherchel was going through a custody battle with his former partner, the child’s mother. Cherchel says he had a kitchen knife in his possession by coincidence, when he stabbed his daughter, who died on the way to hospital despite efforts to save her life. He was already convicted of her murder, but is now appealing for a lesser conviction of homicide.

Cinema stops showing Finns Party video trailer

The Finnkino cinema chain says it will stop showing a 30 second trailer for a much longer political video made by the Finns Party. The cinema attracted online criticism for showing the trailer, since the Finns Party promotional video has been condemned by politicians and Finnish media for purportedly glorifying or encouraging political violence. The video features party leader Jussi Halla-aho. Although Finnkino says the will stop showing the trailer, it had in any case only been due to run until today. Halla-aho denies that his party’s campaign video promotes violence, he says it just emphasises the importance of democracy.

WWF calls for changes in Finnish diets

The WWF says that Finns should make radical changes to what they eat, in an effort to fight the effects of climate change. According to the nature conservancy charity promotes a mostly vegetarian diet, with red meat eaten only once per week. The WWF-recommended climate friendly and naturally sustainable diet includes mostly vegetables, domestic-caught fish, up to one glass of milk or a few pieces of cheese per day, chicken a couple of times each week and only six eggs each month! In recent years Finnish red meat consumption has increased by almost 20%, with the WWF saying the amount of red meat on Finnish plates should be significantly reduced.

Oodi Central Library set for 1 millionth visitor today

The new Oodi Central Library in Helsinki is ready to welcome its 1 millionth visitor today, just over three months since it opened to the public last December. The library complex, which cost close to €100 million to build, has been a huge hit with locals (and tourists) alike who come to experience the architecture and interior design, as well as enjoy events, the coffee shop, the vast second floor makers space, as well as the books of course. Today’s millionth visitor to the library will be rewarded with gifts when he or she walks through the door.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s another bright and sunny start today across the whole country but it’s also chilly. Temperatures in the north of Lapland dip down to -11C and don’t get above freezing anywhere else. Expect -5C in Oulu, -2C in Vaasa, -2C in Tampere and right at zero in the capital city region. There’s also snow flurries in the forecast for Jyvaskyla and Central Finland, and also down parts of the eastern border. So winter hasn’t left us quite yet!

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 26th March 2019 / Credit: FMI