Morning headlines: Tuesday 25th September 2018

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Archipelago raid latest

Finnish media is reporting at length on the latest developments after a weekend raid on Archipelago locations connected with the Airiston Helmi Oy company. Speaking in New York, President Sauli Niinistö said he knew that authorities had been watching the company for some time; while Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö (Blue) said he will get a new bill to parliament in November that will limit which foreign nationals can buy land near sensitive military areas. Meanwhile, Turun Sanomat newspaper reports that in the last decade more than 100 permits were issued to Airiston Helmi to build structures, saunas and quays. The National Bureau of Investigations say they found half a million euros wrapped up in plastic at one of the company’s properties, and they’re still holding a Russian and Estonian in connection with the raid.

Centre Party MPs have crunch meeting with PM

Members of Parliament from the Centre Party are meeting with Prime Minister Juha Sipilä today to discuss the party’s fortunes. Parliamentary Group leader Antti Kaikkonen called for the meeting to discuss – among other things – cooperation with the National Coalition Party after several NCP MPs abstained in a vote of no-confidence in Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blue). There’s also thought to be concern about the party’s poll numbers, with predictions the Centre Party could lose up to 15 MPs at the next election. The meeting takes place at 17:00 at the Prime Minister’s official residence Kesäranta.

Large Turku industrial blaze

Firefighters are still at the scene of a huge fire this morning at Itäharju industrial park in Turku. The fire broke out on Monday evening in a 5000 square meter building used by Meseko, a company which makes steel structures. When rescue crews arrived at the scene the had to dismantle part of the roof and walls to get to the blaze. Asbestos dust released during the firefighting efforts didn’t pose a threat to nearby residents. Staff inside the building were able to get out safely, and nobody was injured. This morning, fire investigators begin their work to determine what started it.

Children’s hospital takes emergency patients

Helsinki’s new children’s hospital will begin taking emergency patients from today. The hospital opened earlier in September, and started offering services in stages. From today, emergency treatment is being offered around the clock for patients up to the age of 15. Also opening today are surgery and anesthesia units, as well as other services. The final patient will be transferred from the old children’s hospital by the end of this week.

Tuesday morning weather 

It’s a sunny start to Tuesday across the whole country, but temperatures are cold! The day begins below freezing in Lapland and only warms up to +3°C in central Finland, +4°C in the capital city region and +8°C in Turku and the south west.

Finish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 25th September 2018 / Credit: FMI