Morning headlines: Tuesday 25th June 2019

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Air Force leader fined for drunken escapades

Two senior Finnish Air Force officers have been fined for their role in a scandal that became a major embarrassment for the country’s defence forces. The Helsinki Appeal Court has ruled the former commander of the Karelia Air Force base Markus Päiviö is guilty of misuse of managerial positions, service offenses including being drunk, and defamation. The charges are related to incidents during an exercise held at Lemmenjoki in Lapland in September 2017. Päiviö had denied the charges. Another senior officer Sampo Eskelinen was also found guilty and fined for delaying an initial investigation into the allegations against Päiviö. The case was considered serious enough that even President Sauli Niinistö was briefed by senior commanders on the accusations and the charges in court.

Employment numbers continue to grow 

The latest numbers from Statistics Finland show an increase in the number of people employed during May, and a continued drop in the number of unemployed people. The new figures, released this morning, show 32,000 people were employed during May compared to one year earlier. At the same time, there were 12,000 fewer unemployed people. That makes the employment rate 72.6% and Finland’s unemployment rate 6.6%.

Strawberry harvest right on schedule

Berry farmers in Finland have been reaping the benefits of warm and sunny weather. The peak for strawberry harvest comes at the beginning of July this year but already strawberry crops grown under tunnels in central and southern Finland are being picked. Strawberries grown outside in fields are ripening as well and the Pro Agria organisation says they expect full harvesting of strawberries in fields to start from next week.

WATCH: Finnish strongmen tackle Scottish sports in Loviisa 

Finnish strongmen athletes have been throwing, hoisting and hefting heavy weights around a field in Loviisa, as they practice traditional Scottish sports at a Highland Games event. “Highland Games is wearing a kilt and throwing heavy stuff either long distances or very high” explains 34-year old Arto Karppinen, one of the competitors. The Hämeenlinna-based weight lifter, who works in IT for his day job, claimed a silver medal at the event which sees competitors chuck hammers, stones, birch tree logs and heavy weights. Read more, and watch the video at our original story here.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a double-digit start to Tuesday morning across the whole country, with temperatures ranging from +11C in Lapland to +18C in east central Finland. The best of the sunshine is in central areas, and there’s partial cloud cover over Lapland and also in Turku and Helsinki areas. Enjoy the good weather for now because heavy rain is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning, 25th June 2019 / Credit: FMI