Morning Headlines: Tuesday 24th October 2017

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Car Death Case Begins

The case begins today in Helsinki District Court for a man who crashed his car into six people in Helsinki’s Lönnrotinkatu in July. One woman was killed when the 50-year-old man hit the pedestrians. Prosecutors say he intentionally drove into the crowd of people.

Two Dead in Late Night Fire

Two people are dead after a late night fire in Kirkkonummi. Emergency crews were alerted about 22:00 on Monday night. Four fire trucks and three ambulances responded to the scene at the apartment building. Firemen found one man and one woman dead inside one of the homes. Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

Finland’s Weapons Trade

The largest share of Finland’s weapons exports is going to the Middle East. During 2016, 63% of military hardware was sent to the region and three countries are the biggest buyers: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Human rights campaigners have criticised all three of those countries for using weapons in attacks where civilians have died, in Syria and Yemen. Previously, EU countries had been Finland’s biggest military customers. Read more here.

More Support for Farmers

Politicians are discussing a budget amendment that would provide extra funds for farmers. A total of €25m would be paid to farmers who have suffered from poor harvests. The farmers union MTK has called for even more support, and they say due to bad weather up 20% of grain crops were not harvested this year.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s a cold start to Tuesday across most of the country with temperatures dropping to -6°C even in some southern parts, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. But forecasters are warning of snow to come across the south west first and moving to Uusiamaa and Ostrobothnia after that. But it will be short lived: by the end of the week temperatures will be back above freezing.