Morning Headlines: Tuesday 24th July 2018

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Employment Figures Improve Again

The latest employment figures are out this morning, and according to Statistics Finland the employment rate is 71.8%. That’s inching closer to the government’s target of 72% employment. The number of unemployed people fell again year-on-year. In June, there were 192,000 people unemployed, that’s down 57,000 from June 2017 according to statistics Finland. The government also released unemployment figures today, they use a different method of crunching the numbers but the trends are similar: a drop in long-term unemployed people, a decline in lay-offs, and an increase in job vacancies. The government compiles its data on the basis of the information in the Employment and Economic Development Offices’ customer register, while Statistics Finland’s numbers are based on sampling.

Ivalo Communications Returning To Normal

In Lapland, communication links in Ivalo will return to normal today. That’s according to on-duty fire chief Reino Mattus at Ivalo fire station. Communication links were hit by problems from 16:00 on Monday during storms which caused widespread damage to telecoms infrastructure in the area. Phone connections were hit, while payment terminals and cash machines were also affected.

Helsinki Power Outage Fixed

Helsinki’s Katajanokka neighbourhood was hit by a rare long power outage which only ended in the early hours of Tuesday morning. According to electricity company Helen, the break in supply was due to two separate failures in their network. During the evening and overnight, the second damaged area was identified and repaired. According to Helen, a power cut lasting 30 minutes happens in Helsinki only once every ten years. The Katajanokka power outage impacted about 600 customers.

Tuesday Morning Weather

The Finnish Meteorological Institute says temperatures on Tuesday will rise as high as Monday, from +25C to +30C in the south; and from +22C to +28C in the north. Southern and central parts of the country are expected to be clear or partly cloudy while in the east rain and thunder storms are forecast, and there’s cloud in the far north. There’s good visibility for sailors, with wind speeds below 10 meters per second in all coastal areas.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 24th July 2018