Morning Headlines: Tuesday 24th April 2018

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Iron Sky Hit By Delays, Complaints

A flagship Finnish film project has been hit by more delays and investor complaints. Iron Sky: The Coming Race which was due for release in 2017 has still not landed in cinemas, despite an initial €18 million budget which could go as high as €25 million. Much of the financing was crowd sourced from investors and fans, and some people who contributed money are now complaining about budget overruns and the delay in releasing the film. Producer Tero Kuakomaa says they now have enough money to complete the film, new investors are getting involved, and the special effects work by German company Pixomondo, which had been held up due to cash flow problems, can now be completed. Kaukomaa says the new Iron Sky film will be released this year.

‘Forcible Kiss’ Finns Party MP Faces Charges

A Finns Party MP is facing charges and a possible court appearance over allegations he forcibly kissed a female MP in parliament last December. Teuvo Hakkarainen was drunk when he grabbed National Coalition Party MP Veera Ruoho after he attended a Finns Party Christmas shindig. Ruoho did not attend the same event. Now, Hakkarainen is facing possible charges of assault and sexual harassment. Earlier this year he announced that he was taking sick leave from his work in parliament, after promising to get help for alcohol addiction.

Former Finnish MP In Azerbaijan Lobbying Scandal

A former Left Alliance MP has admitted his contacts with Azerbaijan have been in conflict with the Council of Europe’s code of conduct. Jaakko Laakso was named in a report that said he acted as a lobbyist for Azerbaijan in violation of the council’s rules. According to the Council of Europe report, Azerbaijan has sought to bribe members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe so that they didn’t criticize human rights violations in the former Soviet Republic. Laakso has remained an honourary member of the Council of Europe even after his retirement as an MP. The report says he told a friend he was ‘on the payroll’ for Azerbaijan during his 16 years as a Finnish MP. Laakso says he has acted as a lobbyist for Azerbaijan as part of his work for some time, but denies taking bribes when he was an MP.

March Unemployment Falls

The Finnish government is reporting a big drop in the number of people looking for work in March. The number of job seekers fell more than 53,000 year-on-year; and down more than 12,000 between February and March. The new statistics out this morning show a decline too in the number of lay-offs, and an increase in new vacancies. Statistics Finland says the country’s unemployment rate now stands at 8.8%.

Tuesday Morning Weather

Watch out, there could be snow in some parts of the country! The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI is forecasting some rain, which could fall as snow in colder parts of the country. It’s a cloudy start to Tuesday across most of Finland with only a few patches of sunshine.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 24th April 2018 / Credit: FMI