Morning Headlines: Tuesday 21st August 2018

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New Employment / Unemployment Numbers 

The latest figures from Statistics Finland out this morning show a rise in the employment rate for July to 71.9%. This will be welcome news for the government, who have set a target of 72% employment. Also according to Statistics Finland, the country’s unemployment rate stands at 6.5%. The total number of jobseekers registered at the end of July was 284,100 – that’s a drop of 45,000 compared with July last year – but up 11,300 from June. The number of long term unemployed people – who had been unemployed without interruption for at least a year – was also down by 29,200 compared with July 2017.

Overnight Fire Leaves One Person Seriously Injured

An overnight fire in Orivesi has left one person seriously injured. It happened in a 120 square metre detatched house in Kangastie, and there was only one man in the building at the time of the blaze which broke out late last night. Firefighter Juha Toivonen from Pirkanmaa Rescue Department says the man was out of the building when rescue crews arrived on the scene, and had serious burns on his body. He was taken to hospital for immediate treatment. Firefighters had to rip down the walls and ceilings of the house to put out the last pockets of fire in the structure. This morning, police are investigating the causes of the blaze.

Nordic Council Film Prize Announced Today

The nominees for the annual Nordic Council Film Prize will be announced today. There will be five candidates, one from each Nordic country. The nominee announcement takes place at the Haugesund International Film Festival in Norway. The winning film will be announce later in the autumn, and should strongly reflect Nordic culture to win the €47,000 prize. Finland has won twice before, with directors Aki Kaurismäki and Selma Vilhusen taking home awards for their films.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s another cooler start to the day – the hottest weeks of summer are behind us for now! As chilly as +6°C in north west Lapland, but warming up to +16°C at the opposite end of the country in Hanko. In between, some cloud cover across much of the country obscuring the sun first thing on Tuesday morning with rain along the eastern border. Expect bright sunshine in Turku and the capital city region, but some brisk breezes along the southern coast.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 21st August 2018 / Credit: FMI