Morning Headlines: Tuesday 1st May 2018

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Police Report Quiet Vappu Celebrations So Far

Police around the country this morning report no serious incidents from Vappu-eve as celebrations for the traditional May Day holiday got started. According to Helsinki police the number of incidents that officers responded to was like a normal spring or summer weekend. Officers confiscated hundreds of liters of alcohol from underage drinkers in the capital including 15 liters of spritis, 40 liters of wine, 600 liters of beer cider and lonkero. Meanwhile in Oulu, police say they were called to several minor incidents, including fighting and drug use. Police expect big crowds in Helsinki today for a workers’ parade from Hakaniemi Market to the Central Railway Station. There are also parties, picnics, and political speeches to mark the day.

Minister: Uncertainty Continues As Trump Delays Tax On EU Goods 

Finland’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen (NCP) see it as a positive sign that US President Donald Trump has postponed his planned hike in import duties on steel exported from the EU to America. But she says that uncertainty continues, and that is always a bad thing for businesses. Speaking this morning to STT Finnish News Agency, Virolainen said the direct affects on Finland would be small, but that it would cause market disruption and be a serious disadvantage for the competitiveness of EU steel companies in particular. The minister stressed that the European Union is not a threat to US national security.

Orpo Enjoys Confidence Of His MPs: Report

The chairman of the National Coalition Party Petter Orpo enjoys strong support from his parliamentary group. That’s according to a new report in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper this morning who contacted NCP members of parliament to ask what they thought about their leader. It comes after two MPs Elina Lepomäki and Hjallis Harkimo criticized the way the party is run. Harkimo recently quit the National Coalition Party to become an independent MP. Leaving aside Lepomäki and Harkimo, NCP has 36 MPs. Helsingin Sanomat talked to 29 who voiced their support for Orpo, but several said that special advisers around the minister wielded too much power.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s a bright sunny start for the northern half of the country, and parts of the east, but a rainy forecast for Vappu celebrations in the south, south west, and capital city region. The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI forecasts temperatures no higher than +8C and as low as -2C in parts of northern Lapland. There’s some cloud cover extending into Central Finland but the best of the Vappu sunshine is in Lapland and down the eastern border.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 1st May 2018 / Credit: FMI