Morning headlines: Tuesday 1st December 2020

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Finland’s covid vaccine plan to be unveiled today

Public health officials are set to announce Finland’s strategy for rolling out Covid-19 vaccinations today. Finland has joined an EU scheme to procure vaccines, and the government has set aside tens of millions of euros to make sure that everyone in Finland gets it for free. Several pharmaceutical companies have announced positive vaccine developments in recent weeks and the EU is expected to approve vaccines from Pfizer-Biontch, as well as Moderna. Today there is going to be more information about who will be first to be offered the vaccines in Finland, and how the national vaccination strategy will be implemented.

Red Cross: Coronavirus increases food poverty in Finland

The Red Cross has warned of the growing need for food aid in Finland as the coronavirus crisis impacts the financial situation of many people and leaves them unable to afford to feed themselves or their families. In a survey of people receive food aid, more than 80% said they needed it to survive each month. Thousands of people receive help from the Red Cross at their 84 locations around the country, with students and families with children increasingly joining the queues for food this year according to the charity. Around half of the survey respondents said they collected food aid every month, and almost as many felt they needed more food aid than is available in their locality.

Verdict due in Maria Ohisalo harassment case

The verdict is due today in Helsinki for a man accused of online harassment against interior minister Maria Ohisalo (Green). During the November trial the court heard how the 30-year old man published an image on Instagram with a crosshairs over Ohisalo’s head saying he was going to hunt her; he threatened to bomb the Ministry of Interior building in Helsinki; and also threatened to carry out an attack on Pasila police station, as part of his long-standing resentment against the police. The man admits he did the things he is accused of, but denies he acted illegally.

Independence Day flag-raising moves to Hämeenlinna

A decades-old tradition of flag raising on Independence Day is being shifted out of the capital this year. The event is usually held in Helsinki’s Tähtitorninmäki but because of the coronavirus situation will be exceptionally held in Hämeenlinna this year instead, the first time in 64 years it’s taken place outside of Helsinki. “In Hämeenlinna, it is possible to organize flag-raising, using face masks and observing safety intervals” says Antti Ahonen from the association which organises the event. “Regulatory regulations will be strictly followed. If necessary, this valuable event will be held without an on-site audience” he adds. Independence Day flag-raising was first seen in 1927, and an annual flag-raising event has been held since 1957.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s another unpleasant weather picture for the start of Tuesday, and the start of December. Across the southern half of the country expect precipitation to fall as rain or sleet where the temperatures hover just above freezing, or wet snow in Central Finland where the temperature falls just below zero. There’s some snow too in the forecast across Lapland this morning and temperatures range from -4°C for Kilpisjärvi to +6°C in Hanko.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 1st September 2020 / Credit: FMI