Morning headlines: Tuesday 19th February 2019

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Prime Minister meets EU leaders in Helsinki

Prime Ministers from Slovenia, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark and Belgium are in Helsinki over the next two days, for a meeting of the EU Parliament ALDE group. ALDE is the ‘Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe’, and its two Finnish members are Prime Minister Juha Sipilä‘s Centre Party, as well as the Swedish People’s Party. The visiting PMs will meet with Sipilä to discuss Finland’s upcoming presidency of the European Union which begins in July. They’ll also be discussing the development of the internal market and climate issues; and visiting the new Helsinki Central Library Oodi and meet with students from their countries who are studying in Finland.

Porvoo carves a space in the crowded startup market

Porvoo might be a late entrant into the startup marketplace, but new initiatives around entrepreneurship and education aim to put the south coast city firmly on the map. “If there is a startup company and they’re thinking of starting in Porvoo, the costs are much cheaper, and there’s a cost advantage compared to Helsinki and Espoo” says Darren Trofimczuk, who lectures on international business, aviation and tourism courses at Haaga-Helia’s Porvoo campus. Local businessman Petter Larsen has taken the entrepreneur idea further by opening Porvoo’s first startup and tech hub to bring students and businesses together in an affordable space for networking, coaching, pitching and investor events, trying to spark more startup activity in the city. Read more at our original story here.

Police investigate fire at former reception centre

This morning, police in Kajööni are investigating the cause of an overnight fire at a building which used to be a reception centre for asylum seekers. Rescue crews received a call around 01:00 and when they arrived at the scene, found the downstairs apartments of a two storey building already on fire. Firefighters were able to stop the blaze from spreading to the rest of the building and nobody was injured in the fire. The Otanmäki premises was not in use any more as a reception centre, and was empty at the time the fire broke out.

Finnish restaurants awarded Michelin stars

Five Finnish restaurants, all in the capital city, have retained their prestigious Michelin stars, while a new restaurant has been awarded its first star. Restaurants Ask, Demo, Grön, Ola and Ora all kept their current Michelin star rankings when the 2019 awards for the Nordic countries were announced on Monday night in Aarhus, Denmark. And the Palace Restaurant, lead by Head Chef Eero Vottonen, was awarded its first Michelin star. Votonen represented Finland at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition – the ‘culinary Olympics – in 2017.

Catch the Super Full Snow Moon tonight

If you’re looking up at the sky tonight – and if there’s not too much cloud cover – you will be able to see the Super Full Snow Moon. It’s the second and brightest of the three ‘super’ full moon events taking place during 2019. It’s known as a ‘snow’ moon because it falls during the month of February, and will seem larger than other full moons because ‘super moons’ happen when the moos is at its perigree, the point in its orbit closest to Earth.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a divided weather morning across the country. In Lapland, temperatures range from -3C down to -16C with snow in the forecast. Anywhere from Vaasa south is likely to see temperatures however above freezing. That brings some patchy sunshine to central and eastern areas at the start of the morning with temperatures hovering at +2C. But further south there’s rain and sleet in the forecast for Tampere, Helsinki and the capital city region for Monday morning.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 19th February 2019 / Credit: FMI