Morning headlines: Tuesday 18th September 2018

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Possible ruling due on Soini’s anti-abortion activities

Finland’s Chancellor of Justice could be set to issue a ruling today on Foreign Minister Timo Soini’s (Blue) anti-abortion activities. Earlier this year on an official visit to Canada which was paid from public funds, Soini participated in an anti-abortion rally. One of his aides then tweeted about it. It prompted an official complaint against the foreign minister, who is also facing a future no-confidence vote in parliament over his activities. He argues that his views are long-held and public, and that he did nothing wrong in expressing them. However, his opponents say he was representing Finland while on the visit and those views, publicly expressed while on official business, do not reflect Finnish values, Finnish government policy nor the work of the Foreign Ministry he represents.

Chinese firm creates Tampere tech jobs

A Chinese tech company is set to create up to 100 new jobs in Tampere. AAC Technologies Holdings makes micro components for consumer electronic products, and plans to open a product development unit at Hervanta in the city. According to Aamulehti newspaper this morning, the Chinese firm plans to initially employ 20 people there, but increase to as much as 100 people over the next three years.

One dead in overnight fire

A fire at a home in Haapajärvi, North Ostrobothnia has killed one man. The rescue services were alerted just before 03:00 by a neighbour in the apartment complex. When fire fighters arrived they went inside the home, which was filled with smoke, but found the man already dead inside. The apartment suffered significant damage but the blaze didn’t spread to other homes in the building. This morning, police and rescue department are investigating the cause of the fire.

German president continues state visit

The President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier continues his three-day state visit to Finland today. On the agenda for Tuesday, Steinmeier will meet with Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) at his residence Kesäranta. He will also take part in a wreath-laying ceremony at Hietaniemi cemetery and visits businesses in Espoo, as well as going to Suomenlinna. This evening, he will host a reception at the German embassy in Helsinki. During a joint press conference on Tuesday, President Niinistö said that a strong Europe, and a strong European Union were needed to increase security and also to promote important European values around the world, such as human rights and democracy.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a mixed start to Tuesday morning weather with the best of the sunshine in the south and central parts of Finland, stretching all the way up to Torni/Kemiö. There’s fog in north west parts of Lapland and a lot of cloud cover otherwise; while the sun shines in the south east border region and it’s cloudy in the south west. Temperatures are a little fresh, dropping below freezing in northern Lapland to -1°C at the start of the day, and warmest in Åland at +12°C and Hanko at +13°C.


Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 18th September 2018 / Credit: FMI