Morning headlines: Tuesday 18th December 2018

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Report: regions to start train timetable experiment

The Ministry of Transport is letting different regions of the country organise their own train timetables. That’s the story being reported by Lännen Media this morning, as they city ministry officials saying a pilot project will begin in summer 2020 and last for several years. It’s part of an ongoing overhaul of Finland’s railways, as officials agree that regional rail services could be improved. In some parts of the country feasibility studies already suggest that increasing the number of trains will bring more passengers on certain routes. It could work for example on the Vaasa to Jyväskylä line, but would be more difficult from Helsinki to Tampere where rail infrastructure is already at capacity.

Two injured in Raisio crash

Two men were injured in a late night crash in Raisio, in south west Finland. Rescue crews were alerted around half past midnight and had to cut two men in their 20s out of the front of the car. A third passenger in the car was unhurt in the crash. The accident happened close to the centre of Raisio, and rescue officials say the road surface was slippery as some snow had fallen. It is not thought that alcohol played any part in the crash but this morning the police investigation continues.

Foreign Minister in Poland

Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blue) is in Poland today for bilateral talks today. He’ll be meeting with his foreign ministry counterpart, and the leader of the country’s ruling party as well. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the aim of the visit is to strengthen bilateral relations between Finland and Poland, and discuss the EU’s eastern region, as well as Finland’s upcoming presidency of the European Union.

Mystery donor gives €100,000

A mystery benefactor has donated €100,000 online to the Salvation Army. The money came in two installments, first of €10,000 and then another for €90,000 through the Komentokeskus website with the message “a round sum is more beautiful than a part”. The company which runs the website says they don’t know the person who gave the money, but they’re aware the person has donated large sums in the past. The Salvation Army launched their Christmas appeal last week, read more at our story here.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s another cold and snowy start across Finland on Tuesday morning. There’s widespread snow forecast for Lapland where temperatures get down to -12°C.  There’s snow too for the Kuusamo area; Jyväskylä and central Finland; Tampere and through Pirkanmaa; and into the south east at Lappeenranta as well.  It’s cloudy pretty much everywhere else with temperatures below freezing to start the day.


Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday morning 18th December 2018 / Credit: FMI