Morning Headlines: Tuesday 17th April 2018

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Detention Decision For Right Wing Publisher

Helsinki District Court will decide today whether right wing publisher Ilja Janitskin should stay in custody. Janitskin, who is suspected of crimes including illegal threats, copyright infringement, gross defamation and money laundering, was extradited from Andorra to Finland last weekend after a long legal battle. Janitskin and his laywer spent months fighting a European arrest warrant. Janitskin was arrested in Finland in autumn 2016, suspected in 50 counts of aggravated incitement over the inflammatory racist content of his MV-Lehti online newspaper.´He fled the country, and was later arrested in Andorra at the end of the summer 2017 on an Interpol warrant, at the request of Finnish authorities, and had been fighting extradition on medical grounds, saying he needed hospital treatment.

Report: Big Money Bonuses For Listed Finnish Companies

The salaries and bonuses for some of the biggest Finnish companies listed on the stock exchange rose on average to more than €1.1 million last year. That’s according to a new story this morning in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. Salaries, fringe benefits and bonuses of the CEOs of major companies on the Helsinki Stock Exchange have risen uninterrupted for five years now.

India Summit Lures PM To Stockholm; Foreign Minister Also In Sweden

A meeting with India’s Prime Minister – and the possibility of lucrative economic deals – has lured Finnish Prime Minister to Stockholm today. Juha Sipilä (Centre) will join other Nordic leaders to meet with Narendra Modi today, at a summit held at the Indian PM’s request. India has been trying to increase its international influence in recent years, and the main focus of the Stockholm summit is economy and export promotion. Meanwhile Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blues) is also in Stockholm, attending a Nordic Foreign Ministers’ meeting where they’ll be discussing Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Syria and Brexit over the course of two days.

Measuring Finnish TV Viewing Habits

Young people in Finland are still interested in watching television shows, but not on their television sets. Finnpanel, which measures viewing habits, says that during Easter for example computers, tablets and smartphones had 25% more younger viewers of online content from MTV, Nelonen and state-funded broadcaster YLE. Finnpanel now records viewing habits from people watching catch-up and streaming services offered by Finnish broadcasters, to paint a more accurate picture of who is watching what. “This will help media companies develop their content and services” says Finnpanel CEO Lena Brun. Media outlets aren’t the only ones interested in more accurate audience measurements. Advertisers wants to know too how different platforms work for their ads.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s a mixed start to the weather for Tuesday morning, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Lapland will see some sunshine, with temperatures just below freezing in the far north, but warmer in central and southern Lapland, up to +6°C. Meanwhile Central Finland can expect a cloudy, hazy, foggy start to the day, with that cloud cover extending to the south and south west as well, where temperatures will peak at +7°C in places, but feel closer to +2°C across most of the south. Åland can expect temperatures of -1°C to start the morning.

Morning weather forecast for Tuesday 17th April 2018 / Credit: Finnish Meteorological Institute