Morning headlines: Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Finland criticised over minority language efforts

The Council of Europe has criticised Finland over a general lack of promotion and protection for minority languages. A recent report from the Council looked at languages such as Swedish, Karelian, Romani, Yiddish, Russian and Sámi languages, and found that while there had been action plans and funding put in place for some of the languages, there were other areas like district court reform, education, policing and social and healthcare reform where the rights and expectations of minority language speakers were simply not taken into account. Read more at our story here.

Cleaner finds body found on Tallink ferry

A man is in custody this morning after his wife’s body was found on board a Tallink ferry, after he had already left the ship in Turku. Police say a cleaner found the woman’s body in the couple’s cabin about an hour after the 23-hour cruise docked. The husband apparently left the Baltic Princess arrived in port without telling anyone that his wife was dead in their cabin. The ship’s return journey back to Stockholm was delayed about 90 minutes after the woman’s body was discovered. Turku Police are now investigating whether any crime might have been committed.

Parliament discusses Government’s controversial firing law

Members of Parliament are set to discuss the Government’s controversial new proposals to make it easier for small companies to fire workers. Originally, the government wanted to introduce new rules that allowed companies with up to 20 workers to fire them with less red tape. But recently they were forced to backtrack and say the new rules would only apply to companies with up to 10 workers. The Prime Minister says he will use a special parliamentary procedure today to trigger a confidence vote tomorrow in his plans. If Sipilä’s government survives the vote, the PM expects unions to fall in line with the will of the Finnish parliament. However, if he loses the vote he would have to resign. Opposition MPs have been up in arms about the government’s tactics.

Finland notches up Greece win

The Finland men’s national football team recorded another win in the UEFA Nations League late last night, with a 2-0 victory over Greece in Tampere. It’s the team’s fourth win in a row in the new competition, to maintain a 100% win record. Goals came in the second half from Pyry Soiri and Glen Kamara. The UEFA Nations League is a new type of competition where countries are drawn against other similarly-ranked teams. The victory means Finland is one step closer to its dream of going to Euro 2020. The country has never qualified for a major football championship final. Read more about the new tournament at our story here.

Tuesday morning weather

It’s a cooler start to Tuesday in Lapland with temperatures just a few degrees either side of freezing this morning. There’s some rain in the north east and down into north central parts of the country, with cloud over the centre and the best of the sunshine in the south west and capital city regions. That’s also where you’ll find the best temperatures around +10°C on Tuesday morning.