Morning Headlines: Tuesday 14th August 2018

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Interior Minister: Charges For Top Cop ‘Serious’

Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen (NCP) says he considers criminal charges against Robin Lardot to be a serious matter. Lardot, who is Chief of the National Bureau of Investigation NBI, was charged on Monday over suspicions that he neglected to properly control a Helsinki detention centre when he served as head of the crime prevention unit in Helsinki. Mykkänen says he will be looking at how Lardot’s court case might affect the leadership and management of the NBI, and says it’s essential that Finland’s police leadership must not be compromised.

Clinical Study: Most Finns Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep

Did you sleep soundly last night? Are you feeling rested today? A new study out this morning finds that 70% of working people in Finland sleep well or fairly well every night. The study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Helsinki University monitored sleep quality of 5,000 people. One of the findings: although symptoms of temporary insomnia or sleeplessness are becoming more common, the majority of people are still enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Britain’s Brexit Foreign Minister In Helsinki

Britain’s new Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt will visit Helsinki today for talks with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini (Blue). On the agenda today, of course, discussions about Britain’s exit from the EU ‘Brexit’. The Foreign Ministry has released scant few details about the visit, saying only that the two men will also discuss “other topical foreign policy issues”. Hunt took over the role as UK Foreign Minister during the summer, after his controversial predecessor Boris Johnson quit over disagreements about Brexit strategy.

Helsinki Falls Out Of ‘Most Liveable’ List

The Finnish capital has fallen out of the top 10 ‘Most Liveable Cities’ list compiled for the past two decades by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Last year, Helsinki was ranked at number 9 on the list, which looks at indicators such as quality of life, transport, political and social stability, crime rates, health care access and education in 140 different cities and ranks them. The Finnish capital had been in the top 10 list every year since 2015 but has lost its place now. At the top of the list for 2018 is Vienna as the world’s ‘most liveable city’, while Copenhagen is the only other European city to crack the top 10. Australia has three cities in the top 10 (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide); while Canada and Japan each have two spots (Calgary, Vancouver; Tokyo, Osaka).

Tuesday Morning Weather

The weather on Tuesday morning looks like a carbon copy of Monday morning: cloudy and rain in Lapland, cloud cover across much of central and southern Finland, but sunshine along the eastern border and into the south west and capital city region. Temperature lows are +7°C in north east Lapland, and the temperature high this morning is in Hanko again at +17°C.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Tuesday 14th August 2018 / Credit: FMI