Morning Headlines: Tuesday 13th March 2018

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Record Drugs Bust Revealed

Finnish Customs officials say they’ve disrupted a drugs smuggling operation to the tune of €178 million, and helped authorities in other countries as well. The news is reported this morning by Savon Sanomat and it’s believed to be one of the biggest drugs busts that Finnish authorities have ever reported. An investigation by customs led to the detection of a large network of smugglers from Germany and the Netherlands to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the UK, Spain and Italy. One of the ringleaders of the drugs ring, a Dutchman, was arrested but the court proceedings were kept secret by order of a judge. Now, that secrecy ban has been lifted, and Savon Sanomat reports the 46-year-old confessed to smuggling hundreds of kilos of cocaine, heroin, amphetamies and hashish into Finland.

Cows Moved After Roof Collapse

About a hundred cows are on the move this morning after the roof of their barn collapsed overnight. It happened at a farm in Mustasaari in Ostrobothnia. Rescue crews were called shortly after 06:00 to find part of the barn roof had caved in, apparently due to the weight of snow on top. About a hundred cows inside needed to be moved, and a vet is on hand to ensure animal welfare. Several cows were injured, and one calf trampled.

PM Wants To Combine Parliament, European Elections

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) wants to hold parliamentary and European parliament elections on the same date in future. That story’s been reported by Helsingin Sanomat newspaper this morning. The PM reportedly thinks holding combined elections would increase turnout. The next parliamentary and European elections are due to be held in close proximity next year: in April, and May so it could make sense logistically and financially if they were moved to the same date. The National Coalition Party and Blue Future parties have both indicated their support for the move.

Application Deadline For Upper High School & Vocational Schools

The deadline to apply for places at upper secondary school and vocational school in autumn is looming for Finnish students today. Pupils can make joint application for some 42,000 vocational training course and 38,000 upper secondary school places. In vocational education, some of the most popular courses include social and health care; business and commerce; vehicle and transport technology; and architecture and construction. Students can find out how successful they’ve been with their applications in the middle of June, when results of the process are announced.

Driving Warnings Across Finland

The weather makes for poor driving conditions across much of the country today. Sleet, rain and snow in Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, North and South Savo and North Karelia mean driving will be potentially treacherous. Pavements are also going to be dangerous due to rain and ice.

Tuesday Morning Weather

It’s warm enough for rain in many parts of the country today, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In the south and southwest, the temperature rises above zero and some light rain is forecast this morning. While moving into central Finland, Jyväskylä could see some heavier showers with temperatures above freezing there as well. On the west coast, and eastern border, where the temperature drops just below freezing expect a nasty mix of rain, sleet and wet snow. Meanwhile further north in Lapland temperatures dip down as low as -14C and snow is forecast across the region this morning.